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  1. The Wit and Wisdom of Plato

    No apology needed. Sorry My English is so bad. I think of Plato every workday because I drive buy Academy to go to work. But I think he is disappointed. Because in Syracuse he try to make good government but fail. Socrates is killed by politician. I think Plato want to be practical. He want philosopher to be head in body of society.
  2. The Wit and Wisdom of Plato

    Ah but aristocracy mean to be ariston, to be the best, so aristocratic mean the best rule. If not the best, than by their own idea they should not rule. So Platonas saw they were not the best and try to make them the best. This his own motivation. He used mystic to get them to see they are mortal, but he is not reject wealth like Sokrates. Black woman you discuss is very brave.
  3. The Wit and Wisdom of Plato

    Not wet blanket, I live very close to his old school! Platonas actually very practical, not like neoplatonic who take practical out. Plato want to make Athens better place. He want to make ruler wise.
  4. The Wit and Wisdom of Plato

    Plato not really mystical. He have problem with class war. He is from rich, his uncle very bad rich man Kritias, and he try to make political correct. But he fail. Also try in Syracuse and fail. So he open school, try to teach rich how to be human being. Philosophy mean friend from the wise.
  5. Jim not capable of sticking it to Kosta Danaos. Different quality of human being. He try many times to contact KOstas, ask many people for intermediary, but Kostas not interested, so ego wounded and he try to get back like child. You and other customers go ahead and pay him 300 euro, 700 euro, good for you, but if not for Kosta, no one know Jim name ever. This root of problem. Maybe better if you spend money somewhere else htough. Christ say in bible you may not serve God and Mammon. How Jim supposed to so Christian but charge money for meditation, good luck for answer?
  6. Verdesi HPRD Seminars in the United States

    Everyone has their own opinion and money is yours to spend as you like. For me, I wonder why bishop wear gold robes when jesus say give everything to poor. Maybe same for Chinese religion, maybe not, I don't know. But I only study meditaion because man who teaches this has same opinion - does not take money from student for teach or doctor, and his master the same, and his master the same, ect. Maybe this is just stereotype, maybe we are thinking like children, I don't know.
  7. Verdesi HPRD Seminars in the United States

    Verdesi say he is Level Four can make electric. Someone should go to seminar and force him to prove this. Maybe from Brazilian jiujitsu will be good. PUt video on youtube. In one word: yes. This is old school way. I am 45 not so old, but when I study martial art and taichi in before twenty five years, it very important philosophy that even fighting should be spiritual training. How can be commercial spiritual training? This very old question: why Orthodox Church or Catholic Church have so much money for example? But still everyone in their heart know right and wrong.
  8. Michael Winn's Response To Sean Denty On Ht

    I never meet this man, but he visit Greece for one week when Kostas live in Dubai. He never meet Kostas. Some student tell him he is here with wife and baby and Kostas fell sorry and say send him to friend in US, ask him show meditation. After, is Sean everywhere represent Mo Pai say he is Kostas student - Kostas don't even remember the name. Then Kostas leave Mo Pai and Sean is David Vredesi vice-president or something. Anyway, Sean want to make name for himself and he manage to do this, good or bad, I don't know, up to him.
  9. Hi, I tried to send you a message. But it's not possible. How can I reach you?

  10. jing

    Who is immortal? Anyone ever meet? You mean John Chang? Don't look imortal to me. Also, what is taoismos? Not Chinese religion? How can be taoist not praying to taoist god? Very confusing all of this. Everyone want to be superman. About immnortal, they don't care. Only for Titan movie haha. Also, More_Pie_Guy, why yuo always post from Danaos' book? Is not Mo Pai bible, only from one man opinion. Is someone else suppose to write Mo Pai bible, Chinese guy Hemy together with Andreas, but cannot do. John tell Kostas to write book but cChinese student object, so Kostas stop and write his own book. I remember Kostas very distrubed this very long time ago, we don't even know name Mopai then, only from Ring of Fire. Maybe 1998, we are in another school before last school.
  11. Advance Energy Techniques

    This also what Danaos say from before 12 year when he write second book. Also in interview. He believe everything physical and in Mind. Small mind and Mind. But is everythign in east and west all with politistic gift wrap and everyone have interest and try to protect for themselves. Like army security.

    Hah hah yes, Kostas is bad, you are right. Like about ninja as prince sau, everything he write is so true they cannot change even they pay much money to find. Yes you knowo about Kostas and financial schemes. Kostas wants money so bad he never charge for teach or take student. Yes, you are right my friend. He no fool you. Bravo. Maybe he see where Mo Pai is going and don't want his name together to the people who are driving the Mo Pai to this place. Maybe he just want clear line between them and him. And he can do it if he want. That is what he is showing. Otherwise he doesn't care. In the future will show who is dick amd who is trying to protect. Then you ask yourself how you feel.
  13. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Sorry Earthbound but you are wrong. I dont know who you are, but I am Greek and old student of Kostas; I know him and his family. I know he is outside Greece 2005-2008; very easy to check this if you know where he works. Actually this has not to do with subject of thread really. But I feel before, and now we can see, you want to talk bad and feel important. So now you we can see. If you want to talk bad, though, be a man and say everything. You talk bad about student, but what is student name who is bad? Maybe they want to talk to you face to face, what you think?
  14. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    @Earthbound, I knoq Kostas is not in Greece 2005-2008, so how is possible to have school? Maybe students have school. Also I know he has interest since 2002 only for study Greek history martial arts and his own pammachon. Nothing with Mo Pai since ten years for sure.
  15. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Kostas not have martial arts studio since water flood in 2002 and school close. Only private teaching. He is manager for billionaire company.