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  1. traditional Chinese instruments?

    Aiwei, thanks for the erhu information. That sounds very feasible for the 6 month stay I plan in China. The guzheng sounds beautiful and elegant. The erhu generally sounds melancholy. Michael, you have a point with the woodwind but I've alwaus liked strings
  2. spring summer winter fall

    yep, I thought it was great. absolutely beautiful and I like how we learn it's set in contemporary Korea through the minor details. you can buy the Pilsung Cider that the policeman was drinking anywhere in Korea, I rather like it. It's sort of an apple flavored Sprite. supposedly, the director is a Christian and the movie can be read as a critique of Buddhism. but it seemed like an ambivalent critique at best, and the movie only inspired me to strive harder to find the true Dharma/Tao.
  3. If you are thinking of going to china...

    what about temporary work? and do you need a bachelor's degree to teach? is it legal to teach with just a high school education?
  4. I am looking to study a Chinese instrument and would like some advice on how to pick one. I am leaning toward the guzheng but I also like the erhu, the qin, and the pipa. Something with strings, I guess Do any of the instruments have special spiritual connotations like the shakuhachi did with itinerant monks in Japan? Which ones are most labor intensive or take the most years of study to become reasonably proficient? Which ones are least? Can you easily transition from any particular instrument to another? What are the systems of notation, or does everyone just use the Western notation now? Where can I find a good teacher? U.S. or China/Taiwan both OK.
  5. 大家好

    I'm not particularly serious about anything right now, but I find discussions about Taoism and related disciplines quite enjoyable. I speak/read Mandarin to some degree and know more than the average layperson about Taoist and Buddhist thought, martial arts, and internal medicine. But not too much more. Just putting in my mandatory intro post. Now I feel too tired to reply to the topic I felt like talking about. Peace.