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  1. 5 Elements/Platonic Solids & Kunlun Nei Gung

    Yes, am with you on all of that zerostao, spring water is a blessing and I do not drink treated chemical water ever! It's vital to skip the fluoride for optimal pineal function I've never lived in any built up areas, but out here in the hills/rainforest I still see chemtrails thickly blanketing the sky, especially recently. I long for the high mountain air where I have lived most of my life. I will add licorice thanks, and will look up white peony, tien chi and lu rong. Another very important herb I meant to mention in my post above is astragalus! It's pivotal for longevity due to it's influence on the telomeres in the DNA. Aye, golden seal is powerful, I have used it sparingly and in moderation when needed. Great advice to share onwards
  2. 5 Elements/Platonic Solids & Kunlun Nei Gung

    Great!!! Thank you Blessings ~*~
  3. 5 Elements/Platonic Solids & Kunlun Nei Gung

    Thank you so much Al and Anamatva I will digest your replies some more! Cameron, I have taken classes with one of Max's facilitators, and I am sure I will meet Max one day (in the flesh). I have never been a big tea drinker, I am very much into juices and smoothies. But I do like to take various longevity herbs. Love ho shu wu, schizandra berry, cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, ashwaganda, ginsengs, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, goji berries, marine phytoplankton and many others... I know Max says you can eat anything, and truly one can...however my personal preference is the incredibly nourishing!!
  4. Golden Dragon Body

    Hi Cameron Totally agree with you here. That quality of childlike joy, openness and love, is what brings about the unification of the Golden Body with the Physical Body. The ability to be in compassion, love and peace, no matter what; basically to harmonize with the intent of Source opens the way to experiencing our true nature as huemans. Max and Kan embody the infinite child so wonderfully It is a joy playing with adult children! I am glad you are in the playground too, Cameron! "Wasn't Lao Tzu known as "The Old Child"?" Sounds right...
  5. Golden Dragon Body

    Templetao, I guess it could be seen as layers within layers like the old onion similie. Reaching the state of the Golden Dragon Body is a remarkable achievement, but in accordance with the way the universe appears to be fashioned, this is only the first rung on the ladder of Supreme Consciousness. Once the Golden Dragon Body is the primary dwelling place for Being, becoming the familiar matrix, tastes and whiffs of the next, more refined, rarified version, or state of conscious vehicle structure, comes into eventual 'sight' so to speak. I hope that clarified what I meant. ~ Sky ~
  6. Golden Dragon Body

    "Where did you find the term yourself, Sky?" Through Kunlun Nei Gung, deci belle. But long before I ever took Kunlun Nei Gung classes I had my own personal inner/outer experiential gnosis (without external validation from any knowledge systems)of the following which Phosphor writes: "As my teacher has explained it, the Golden Body of light is one of the many names for the states achieved by a Master who is established in perfect union with God, or the Good. It is also called the rainbow body of light, the diamond body, the Dragon Body and the body of Logos amongst others. This achievement marks the unity of all of the bodies of the magician with God. Most mystics are unified with God in consciousness (Gnosis), but they do not completely embody the light of the Good in all of their bodies (Henosis). The magician is one who's actual lower bodies are one with the physical, astral and mental body of the Good. Meaning, the magician's mental body is as large as the universe, as well as his astral body, and his physical body is comprised of so much light that it is merely an illusion and is not physical matter at all anymore. This is the achievement of the Golden Body of Light- the transmutation of the physical body into light." Thank you so much, Phosphor! It's been bizarre. When I use the term Golden Dragon Body, that which you have written above, plus more, is there for me, as an (almost) immediacy and I find my tongue and brain become like mush. So big thank you! I wrote this post so as to receive some words to give me some solidity to that which I am in this immortality. I totally relate. It feels good to be able to give some puzzle piece order on a cognition level I have heard it called the rainbow body and diamond body also. I have tried to explain to a very few people since I was little that I am not really here, that they are seeing an illusion of physical matter. Transmogrification also slots in very well here. "the Golden Body of light is one of the many names for the states achieved by a Master who is established in perfect union with God, or the Good." Yes! I know that a true Master is one who is able to embed their individuated field into the larger body of the source field and retain memory to self recur ie. to self regenerate, as immortals do. To my understanding the primary way in which to do this involves making the 'illusionary' inner and outer environments similar, harmonising the fields draws the outside in, as the inside reaches out in compassion (with passion). This turning inside out can be seen in the perpetually flowing shape of the tube torus...a resplendant sphere of infinite self generating potential. Thank you again for the replies here. They are perfect in helping me get my mind wrapped around the very 'interesting' life long experiences. I don't have any physical guides with this...which can be a little disconcerting when in the midst of biological dissolution (especially in a public setting)!
  7. Golden Dragon Body

    Thanks for opening a door to discussion via my sharing of my experiences. Whilst it seems to make sense, it is not something I have found easy to do before. There is a huge reluctance to share something which most people have no reference becomes such an energetic thing then. I appreciate your understanding for me to not go there. It could sound fantastical, delusional or egoic to many, so I am most reluctant to share, but I do know the truth of my experience and what many people have experienced in my presence also, so I am able to stay balanced without sharing, or diminishing the reality of this path. There are many who firmly purport to understand the way of the Tao, yet geniunely don't seem to be able to embody the pathless path. Also like I alluded to before, the experiences begin a rapid rendering of the (known)form obsolete, and many of the (usual) means to express go offline. The form phases and is both formless, forming and formed all at once, and it is quite a feat to maintain some coherency of mind. Yet, it's totally possible. I am hoping some One would be able to give some information around the Golden Dragon Body. I know this is one of the first bodies upon many levels of density to achieve....there are other bodies beyond this one. Though for many on Earth this is the Grail of Achievement...
  8. Golden Dragon Body

    Thank you for your response and the link, Scotty. Without going into detail, I have had personal experience with elements of this, or experiences attributable to this be coming 'online' (or accessible) within my Being. I have no words, no mind, to give it some structure in order to discuss it. I taste it, feel it...know it...yet, it feels like the only way I can genuinely share it is through a direct transmission of instant shared knowing. However, I am being called to give it some tangible form via discussion. I know there are people out there who can talk about the nature of what it is. I am currently not accessing the assemblage point which gives me fluidity in cognition on the subject!! Tremers ripple through 'me' as I dance around and through the subject! Sky ~*~
  9. A new ripple...

    Thanks, Scotty! 'I' love the sublime quote by Abhinavagupta in your signature! ~*~
  10. Does anyone have any detailed, or thorough, information sources, on how the 5 Elements relate to the 5 Platonic Solids? And also how possibly the 13 Archimedean Solids fit into this creational matrix model. Keeping in mind that the Platonic Solids are primarily Masculine in formation and the Archimedean Solids principly represent the feminine patterns. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for further reading, or links etc. Also, whilst on the topic of the 5 Elements, are there popular specific tonics, herbs, super foods, elixirs etc. for the individual elements? I would be very appreciative if someone could share some comprehensive information with me. Are there specific potent combinations to effect a balancing of the whole? What is your experience with utilizing teas and herbs alongside your practice? Is there a radical difference in modus operandi between the Kunlun Nei Gung, Standing and Moving, 5 Elements of the Maoshan Lineage and the 5 Elements of the more widely practised Qi Gong? Please forgive the style of straight questioning in the post here. I had written a longer version and then, due to internet connectivity dropping out, lost it when I tried to post. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to reading your replies! Blessings, Sky ~.~
  11. Golden Dragon Body

    What does it mean to obtain the Golden Dragon Body, or for women, Golden Phoenix Body? Thanks in anticipation of your shared knowings! ~.~
  12. A new ripple...

    Hehehe! Yes in the clime of that plastic thing, time, generally, Generals of Generalism progress in great progressiveness through various hues and inclements of generalizations (also increments of inclination) in order to order Thanks for the welcoming Hi
  13. A new ripple...

    Greetings to the countless leaves upon the infinite world tree. I am looking for some solidification of the ethereal and electromagnetic experiences which arise from the internal alchemical practices. This, ideally, will come in the form of words delving across subjects ranging from physics, to the Ancient Toltec System, to neuroscience, sacred geometry and many other explanatory fields. Where do I go from here? Where do I begin a post? I haven't utilized forums for many years... Blessings, Sky Magi ~*~