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  1. He didn't even know he was invested with Madoff. But, he is cool with it! Way to go with the positive attitude Jon! BTW, he wrote Diet For A New America, a vegetarian classic
  2. Big Brother Health Care Provisions Slipped Into Economic Stimulus Bill by Mike Adams (NaturalNews) The new $800 billion economic stimulus bill contains some striking new "Big Brother" health care language that should give pause to all freedom-loving Americans. For starters, the bill requires the electronic tracking of the medical records of all Americans. All your private medical data will be stored in a government database, including your history of disease, pharmaceutical treatments, surgeries and even emergency room visits. How would you like the government knowing all the details about your drug rehab? Or alcoholism treatments? Abortion? Sexually-transmitted disease diagnosis? Pregnancy status? Blood test results? But it gets even more interesting than that: Under the new provisions found in the bill, all U.S. doctors will now be stripped of autonomy and forced to follow the medical treatment guidelines dictated by the government. This news should rock the medical world (once they truly understand it). It means doctors can no longer make their own decisions about patients' needs or treatment protocols. From now on, all health care decisions will be centrally planned by a dictatorial, Big Brother health care authority in the federal government. How to turn doctors into sheeple As reports, Tom Daschle was one of the architects of this plan, and he says that doctors "have to learn to operate less like solo practitioners." Any doctor that deviates from that plan would be penalized by the government. That means, for example, that a local doctor who knows the patient and his family, and who is aware of specific local circumstances affecting that patient will no longer be able to apply any of that knowledge in treating the patient. All treatments will be dictated from the government, obliterating the whole point of allowing doctors to operate with some degree of autonomy in the first place. Effectively, this bill transforms the entire U.S. medical profession into nothing more than pill-pushing puppets. It wipes out the intelligence of a local doctor and replaces it with the stupidity of Big Government. If the government says all expectant mothers must be screened for depression and put on antidepressant drugs, then all the doctors have to play along and do that if they don't want to be fined or have their medical licenses taken away. If the government says nutritional supplements are dangerous and cannot be recommended to patients, then all doctors must remain silent and avoid telling patients the truth about helpful nutritional supplements. Whatever the government dictates must now be mirrored by all practicing doctors.
  3. Got Milk?

    The proteins in milk are not compatible with the human digestive tract. Casein is one of the strongest natural glues out there. It is also a lie that milk is a good source of calcium. Drinking milk actually causes the body to LEACH calcium.
  4. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Wow, I never thought I would log into Taobums and see a soap opera like this unfolding. Better than TV. Welll, good luck to all parties involved.
  5. Complete Taoist Internal System

    WTF? that must be a typo or some sick joke.
  6. Kumbh Mela

    I was in Haridwar last year. It is considered one of India's holiest cities. There are always pilgrims and sadhus there no matter what time of year. It is a rather small town though, Hard to believe it would fit one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. Bring your tent.
  7. 29,989 and counting...

    Wow, thats a lot of new sign-ups
  8. Our Story

    Yes, depending if they are for sale or not in your area. Here on the west coast, G4 towers go for $100-300 depending on how loaded they are. There are always a bunch on craigslist. Sometimes I see imac's for $100 cheap. good luck
  9. Our Story

    Since you are currently running Linux, I tell you what; get the HD cleaned up or just get a small new clean drive for cheap. Put the Linux on there and get TOR Also look at for cleaning up your info. ( there are snoopers on TOR though, so you need to encrypt) To encrypt so you can check out a number of Anonymous Browsers with Encrypted connection: There are a bunch more. I can't really comment on which of these is better. You can also set it up yourself (encryption), but more complicated. This may seem redundant, and will probably really slow down your connection, lol. But, It will be really hard to track you down. Also, since this guy knows your IP, you will need to switch IP. Either ask your ISP, and if they won't do it, cancel and get new ISP. Also, since you have been keylogged to death, your enemy has all of the passwords for your hardware firewalls etc. you need to change all of those (with clean computer not connected to internet etc). For your software firewalls, many have ability to monitor incoming data packets and analyze stream to determine if you are being attacked. Hope that helps.
  10. Our Story

    Wow, thats brutal. First things first, I would get an older Macintosh computer, All of the code this guy writes wont work on a Mac (OS9). If he is smart enough, he will have to rewrite all of his scripts, which will take forever. But, I doubt he is smart enough to do that. Next you can get SSL browser service to send everything through major encryption. This way, even if he can somehow intercept whatever you are sending, he wont be able to read it. Just a few ideas for computer security.
  11. BJJ, Shing Yi or Aikido?

    That is not correct and a popular misconception. Dealing with martial arts and especially the "mysterious" chinese martial arts in general, there are specific systems that are effective for fighting and mortal combat, others effective for stretching, and others for their esthetic qualities but not all that effective when it comes to defending yourself (wushu). You dont know how many people Ive met that think tai chi will get them out of a street fight with a 100 kilo angry drunk punk rocker... Please, dont be delusional. Want to know why the tiny old chinese man can dominate the much bigger, younger student with push hands? because its a game, its not actual full contact sparring bareknuckle or whatever...put that same tai chi master in the ring with a thai boxer that kicks bamboo all day, conditioning his shins and arms for hours per day, and what is the outcome??? So back to what you said "Anything done "well" / "properly" is effective. " Yes, if you train to be a figher and hurt people than chances are, if you have a good teacher, and a good system, do bare knuckle sparring, you will know how to fight... However, if you just train forms without conditioning, sparring etc, you will know just forms. If you do tai chi, you will know tai chi, if you do bagua you will know bagua, if you do point contact karate sparring, you will know just that, point contact karate, not nec how to fight in a bar ... It is also true that every real fighting system has its limitations. For example, grappling and throwing arts like aik, judo, BJJ only work if a take down is made and it goes to the ground. What if the opponent cant be taken down? same goes for kick boxing, boxers, kung fu guys etc. strikers that prefer stand up... if they get taken down, they are disadvantaged.. This is why now the best professional fighters train multiple styles for take down, striking , submissions to be a well rounded fighter. The most realistic being Pride, UFC, and other cage fighting. Also, to help with Cam's question, What do you want to get out of your training? you need to ask yourself and create the intent and find a system that will complement that. You posted you are not looking to become a street fighter, what are you looking for? Do you want conditioning and endurance? To be more limber? Do you want to do pretty forms with butterfly kicks? If you are interested in BJJ are you prepared to roll around on the mat with some hairy sweaty dudes every night? lol These are the questions you need to address. cheers
  12. BJJ, Shing Yi or Aikido?

    I second what grass wrote.. BJJ, or anything full contact where you can feel what it is like real life.. no tai chi push hands or wing chun bs please; they are just games and not practical for street fight.
  13. How good is Michael Winn's information?

    Very interesting, not that many people train white eyebrow in the west as there are very few teachers. Yes, Sigong is pretty well known Grandmaster from Futsan, with many thousands of students over his many years as teacher. Here they are on a cover of a magazine when he was in the states : Very interesting is Sigong still lives and breathes kung fu even in his old age. I used to live at the old school and sometimes I would find him at 4 in the morning doing forms and hitting sandbags. pictures:
  14. How good is Michael Winn's information?

    I just saw the one book :When the Shoe Fits Yes, I have trained White Eyebrow and Long Ying (dragon) for a decade. Here is my teacher in San Francisco:
  15. How good is Michael Winn's information?

    Nope, what books?