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  1. Haloh, and hoppy to bee here.... ;>P

    Well as far as the Hermeticks go-- im more a student of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian style methodology, Cabala-- exct. For the most part, i utilize the tree of life as a psychological model to better understand different dynamics of the energy body. Between the Taoist, Hinduist, and Cabalistic Rosicrucian side, i feel that ive gotten to a pretty integrated understanding of the terrain. For example, how the earth sephiroth functions can give contrast to the root chakra, and give clarification to the spleen/stomache. I also love the calligraphy differences between Hebrew and Japanese, which can also be correlated to the Taoist stuff. I think the key is "indirect" integration, and that by strengthening one means, it enhances the overall system. As far as biofeedback and eeg's are concerned--- it is quite interesting to see how one can effect certain levels of health with the methods. Though most tech measurements are indirect measurements of the subtle energies, it can still yield awesome results. For example, with the eeg-- i can make my whole brain pulse in the alpha range by will, and enter the theta state quite quickly because the energy circulation is working in conjunction with the craniosacral rhythms inherant within the brain, not to mention how all the other glands interface with the heart as their center, and the perineum as their base, or feet-- respectively. Namaste, LVX----
  2. Haloh, and hoppy to bee here.... ;>P

    Sure, Scotty-- and thanks. A little busy this week but am planning on getting more chi-active soon. A really brief concept of what i worked with would be the minor energy system, arms and feet(lao gong and yong qan). This enabled me to bring alot of energy into the legs and arms to "feed" the primary system, chakras, organs, torso and head--- I utilized a form of mudra yoga to speed up the process once i achieved the vibrating palm effect and vibrating of the feet. Its amazing how much energy is stored, and that comes into the hands and feet. It certainly took a while to get going, years-- but after it was activated, it enhanced all the other practices i worked with. I can give source information soon. Currently, i unify rhythm, flow, martial arts and music to work with the energies, as well as 3rd eye work to see if after enough storage is achieved, certain states can be reached. Ive written musical pieces for the different energies that pertain to the chakras; a sort of mantra music to vibrate them at their focus points, or seals--- similiar to bandha in yoga, except usually with mudras. Namaste and talk to you all zoon... zoom zoom "Take a droplet of water. Cast it deep into the ocean. Tell me where does it go? Tell me where the ocean begins?", aka Anonomous Hippopotamus
  3. Well Hello There

    Mantak is awesome! Though im not so much into this whole tantric kama sutra oriented stuff, applying it to sexuality, i find his take on the inner smile, micro/macrocosmic orbit to be quite enlightening. Ive found that the most sensitivity ive gotten in regards to cultivation has sprung from "minor" energy center work, the feet and hands-- then bringing through the legs and arms into the primary major system(torso to head and above). Once I got the Lao Gong and Yong Quan strong enough, it all accelerated very quickly, and exponentially so. Funny how the simple aspects can really boost the attributes of cultivation. 2 hours daily, wow. Respect!
  4. as himself, starring in the drama no drama theatre of life...

  5. Namaste everyone. Just decided that joining this site would be a great way to share and learn. Seems like alot of discussion on some of the deeper aspects to cultivation. I have been practicing energy cultivation work for the last 8-9 years. I blend several methods to put the puzzle pieces together so to speak, such as Hinduism, Taoism, Hermeticism. Music and Martial arts are passions of mine, but the really deeper subtle aspects to energy have won out in the last 10 years. I'm driven to understand energy as best i can and am working on developing the yin body energetically now. Took me about 6 years to get the energy from the base to the crown. I developed a slightly different approach to the energetic sensitivity. Instead of the ON/OFF principle spoken of by so many teachers, i decided that at a certain point, my energy circulation took on a life of it's own and developed into a body; i term it the emotional body-- so i'm at the stage where i'm trying to develop the extraordinary temperment required to having this intense body of light. In other words, its on all the time, and is quite blissful; and available without exhaustion. This is why the yin energy is so important to me at this time, because yang has become so second nature. I believe that the energy is so different in regards to evolutionary aptitude for each person; and that whatever i accomplish with it in this one is well earned, but also dependant on the shared journey with others. So much to say, but don't want to babylon forever, chuckle. Oh yah, i also have purchased eeg and biofeedback equipment over the last 7 years to gauge progress with the autonomic nervous system, measuring heart rate variability, coherency, skin conductance(an interesting indirect measurement of chi), brainwave states. So much to Tao and so little impermanence... or is it the other way around? Take care and am looking forward to communicating, learning, sharing with you... "I yanged when i shoulda yinned..." 8>D