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  1. Religion

    Maybe but your brain will be wrecked by this "healthy" cocktail.
  2. Religion

    No problem at all, When I was a bit younger I was quite a religious person and did not question even the most basic principles about religion however after a while I went to an extreme.I became an "atheist" and it was funny since at every religion class in school I caused a little mayhem about this subject.But again as the time passed I noticed that this is not enough.For instance emotions being just a chemical reaction to a certain stimulus was not enough and seemed too scientific.I noticed that you cannot dismiss spirituality totally and this always haunted me.What I can say now is that even if I want to go back to my "religious" state I simply cannot.My awareness grew and I must get to the next level if you will and learning about other phylosophical trends might help me a great deal. I while ago I heard about Tao and it really sounds very interesting and I'd like to focus our attention on it also.
  3. Religion

    Everybody has his/her brain wired to hold on life.When you feel pain you get signals which tell you that you should stop.When you face a situation which is life threatening your fight or flight instinct is activaded but I know you all know this.We have a hard time standing to entropy our bodies and also to other factors in our environment.However I don't know if it is natural to oppose it or the other way arround.Who can really tell what is natural or unnatural?For me it's like someone trying to be spontaneous is not natural since spontaneous means Performed or occurring without premeditation or external stimulus Cya
  4. What is the Average Age of a Tao Bum

    haha the most of you are old
  5. Religion

    Science is a great tool which helps us in our daily lives or atleast the product of it, but I think you went too far.As I said a few days ago you make long statements about nothing and lately it has been really hard for my attention span.Please keep it simple. Btw et-thoughts you have interesting ideas which I actually absorbed but lately your comments repell me from further reading. this is a summary of the latest comments: the truth is that the truth is non truth that in religion you don;t need truth but science is truth which is proven ....and the truth is that the truth is the truth....bla bla bla atheist is non religion.......wrong Random question:How can someone believe with all his heart in something and does need to proof for it and get to live and act accordingly?
  6. Religion

    When I started this topic I totally forgot about the "quantum physics"
  7. Smoking is a type of meditation

    Cigars in the UK are damn expensive but in my country are way cheaper You cannot even compare 15 pounds to almost 3 pounds here.
  8. Smoking is a type of meditation

    I am a smoker too.When I began to smoke the cause was a social one.However after months of "practice" I began to smoke even when I'm alone.It's an interesting subject anyway
  9. Religion

    It is aqward since people say that rolling a single dice you have a 1/6 chances to get the desired number.However if you throw the dice 6 times that does not mean neccesary that you will get one side for each throw.If the number of throws is increased the sides appear almost equally.However I think that throwing a dice is dependent on the speed of wind , weight of the dice,speed of the dice, and so on.If you can throw the dice with a certain speed and so on you will get the side that you want.
  10. Religion

    I'm trying to tempt you all
  11. Religion

    God doesn't play dice! what do you think about this statement?
  12. Religion

    what is so special about numbers such as 7,3 ,6,1,0 and 25000?
  13. Religion

    I see that I had two busy days and couldn't take an eye on what happened in this thread and there are already two new pages worth of your insights.After digesting it all hopefully I will come with something englihtenining on the matter.I have some new questionts to ask but it will change the topic 180 degrees so I choose to rather not ask them. See you tommorow
  14. Religion

    Wow I never knew that the story of adam and eve is shared by both christianity and islam.What about jewish religion? I never understood faith to be honest.It must be wonderful to have faith in something but for some reason I do not thing I ever experienced a full surrendering to a belief.What could be the cause of it? Anyway thank you for the post since it adds new flavour to the topic.
  15. Religion

    I took a nice walk