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  1. About the race to enlightenment, It is not enlightenment which is important, It is what you do once you are. Does it really matter how you get there? People can debate the merits of this teacher and that teacher ad nauseum,and that is fine, but at the end of the day, what have you accomplished? Without power in them, words are like wisps of mist, Which obscure the path. But sometimes it makes for fun reading
  2. Is KunLun Bogus?

    This teacher or that teacher or no teacher All is Tao. Bogus teacher or not All is Tao. It matters not. Unless you are in a rush to ascend
  3. Translations of Tao Te Ching about 1/3 of the way down the page you will find the heading: 0691 11 The Truthful Scripture Of Way(Tao) And Virtue which has 13 versions linked for your reading enjoyment. This site allows you to read some Chinese classic texts in original language and with some translations.
  5. Interesting technology.
  6. Better to speak from the heart than just from the head. We have all learned this nice communication game, but in such a huge variety of ways. Even though English is thought to be a universal language, it is not really so, as it is flavored by each persons paradigm to the point where you need people to define the words they are using at times. The bottom line is snow is H2O, frozen. It comes in a wide variety of forms. Chi/Qi is energy which also comes in a wide variety of forms/manifestations. Define electricity. It is all head knowledge until you speak from visceral understanding which is of far more value as it is practical. All the rest is an intellectual pissing contest.
  7. Haiku Chain

    Teach me how to love. Be fluid, carry nothing. Primordial Tao!
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts The Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts consists of two HTML files, one a list of 158 SITES (sites.htm) that have yielded manuscript materials, the other a list of 287 MANUSCRIPTS (mss.htm). When you enter the database, you will first see SITES. Clicking on a serial number in SITES will bring you to the manuscript(s) associated with that site in MANUSCRIPTS. All manuscripts from a given site bear the same serial number as the site itself. Clicking on a serial number in MANUSCRIPTS will take you back to the corresponding site in SITES. Both files are searchable using the "Find" tool in the "Edit" menu of your browser.
  9. Thunderbolt of the Gods

    Well the writing is on the wall, so to speak, and not all scientists have their heads stuck in the collective sandpail. The thing concerning me is this latest solar cycle 24 we have just entered. Good old sol seems to be a bit unstable in its ways and there are a ton of guesses as to why that is, unfortunately very little accurate and verified data. Sure it is plausible that we are moving, as a solar system into a region of space that has different qualities to it and it is affecting us and there is some data to confirm that, but it seems people being politically motivated are more interested in proving that the reason for such solar system wide anomalies as increased volcanism and pole shifts, etc, is people and our polluting ways.
  10. Thunderbolt of the Gods

    The plasma theory certainly makes more sense than the dominant model. I am always amused by the strength of conviction people have in asserting their pet theories. History has shown us the folly of the vast majority. Utterly convinced they were, to the point where they would destroy any who opposed them. Ego, coupled with greed is a harmful set of qualities. Decades from now people will be amazed at how we could believe such utter bullshit as we do.
  11. Tea

    Started drinking matcha about 2 months ago and it has completely replaced our coffee habit in the morning. Terribly expensive, but when compared to the $'s spent on all those fancy coffee's it is about the same. A little tin of Do Matcha is about $30 and it is nice, but I have found that I prefer the Muzi brand better. They sell several grades. They have a matcha for cooking which according to their description is blended for professional use to make green tea chocolates, smoothies and lattes. But it tastes nice straight up which I sometimes put some Agave syrup in for the sweet. It is economical as well, 100 gms for $20. A small note of caution, do not over do it. I went a bit overboard at first, drinking many bowls per day and after about 10 days started to detoxify. Matcha is very alkali. So now I have it in small doses, mainly to get me going in the morning as it is a better buzz than coffee. Clean and long lasting. As much as I like coffee, I no longer touch the stuff. I found an article on coffee which stated that coffee when roasted develops a compound called empyreaumatic oil which is an extremely strong antiseptic, a few drop of which will entirely suspend the digestion process for several hours causing food to be processed by putrefactive fermentation rather than by normal digestion. Also it is highly acidic which is not good for the health. Anybody else have a favorite matcha?
  12. Negative Ion Generators

    The biggest -ion generator is rain. Which is why it is so nice and refreshing to walk about after a storm. Actually any rapidly moving water like a waterfall or a fountain does the same thing which is part of why people find water features so appealing. My wife bought one years back, not sure of the brand. It was only about $80 and was kind of "cheap" looking. It lasted for about 10 months before it crapped out and I am not certain how effective it was. But it did take particulates and such out of the air, we would have to clean the wall it was beside every couple of days as the dust would film up in that spot. I am thinking a larger one mounted into the forced air furnace, like a humidifier would most likely be more beneficial as the -ions would get circulated throughout the house, and perhaps it could be incorporated into the filter somehow as it tends to clean the air.
  13. Thanks, but that wasn't what I was looking for. Here is a small portion of what I was reading: "A word mollifies the senses. It becomes a substitute that occupies them and makes them not only too busy to engage in their normal activities, but also directs them inward. These words are not ordinary words of our language, but divine sounds that the sages have heard in deep meditation. They arise directly from the divine consciousness. They have no earthly origins and no earthly meanings. The masters discovered these sounds and experimented upon themselves. They found that all sounds will affect us in some way or another, but discarded those that were insignificant or not conducive to their purposes. they kept only those that cleared away the undesirable tendencies of the mind and would turn it toward the good. One of the most important aspects was the unique ability of the word to guide a student to the same state in which the master had originally discovered the sound. The sages call this aspect of the word the "Thread Through the Labyrinth" technique." So this has to do with power words which can affect one's health and character, etc.
  14. I was reading through a book on meditation techniques and they mentioned the "thread through the labyrinth "technique, but only gave cursory explanation. I did a google search which yielded nothing of value. I realize that this is a technique which must be passed on orally, but there must be something of merit to be found on the web by now. Perhaps some of you may know. If so, could you point out the way to go. Or, you may know of someone in Calgary, AB who I could talk with. Anything you have to offer would be helpful and appreciated.