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  1. The mountain is high and the sea so deep

    Hi flowing hands, I hope that it was not my question did change your mind ? blessing Bahram
  2. The mountain is high and the sea so deep

    Hello Flowing Hands, Thank you for your reply, very clair. Just want to understand when you say spiritual entity, you mean spiritual entity like a reflect of pyhiscal body ? I think all are agree when we say there is immortal part in each person said like (God, akasha, infini), this part is timeless, not space not limit,... then it's difficul to me to understand about immortality who or what "become" immortal ? I don't know if physical body or other body or any form of limit is ego? if it's how you visit an immortal (vision, percaption,...)? thank you Blessing Bahram
  3. The mountain is high and the sea so deep

    Hello & welcome Flowing hands What do you think please about people they think that the physical body is a burden? In this case, physical immortality is a heavy burden! Blessing Bahram
  4. shaktipat

    In my case it was like battery failure of the car ! need to let me start with another battery :) But actualy with our modern life we need to balance our lives ! if it's not possible we should call on experts Blessing Bahram
  5. shaktipat

    Hi every body, Last week I asked Tony to do a kundalini shaktipat, I would like to share with you: While the session I hadn't notice any thing special ! I was very sad, then I gone to sleep ! I said if there was some transfert of energy I can do out of body, I tried and i could go out of my body and did some tourist in the sky full of starts... then i came back to my body and this one i tried to sleep but i felt very strong vibration like a train curb on his track, also the vibration on my lower back i said take esay and let's go.... I should say few days before shaktipat I felt the enery healing and I still continue to receive I like very much the work of Tony, Clean and efficient *) Sorry for my english Blessing Bahram
  6. Hello

    Hi every body, I am interested in all kind of way related to spirituality ! Blessing Bahram