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  1. Truth Of Casual Sex

    Zero is right. At a spiritual level (inner heart), casual sex is highly damaging. This is creating links between your soul and all the souls your lover had sex with... resulting in a very quick closing down of the inner heart (where we connect with our true essence). However, it doesn't impact so much negatively our energy bodies and physical body.
  2. Hello everybody, A Tai Shang Men event will be held in France, near Paris. PM me if you are interested or want more information. Great post from "effilang" that explains in details Tai Shang Men school: "The Tai Shang Men southern school of spiritual Taoism generally known as Zhen Yi Pai, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce Taoism in its complete form; philosophy, religion and spiritual arts and skills. The Taoist Divine Art taught by the school, called Tao Yin Shu, is a rare part of Taoism which has been hidden for thousands of years not only from non-Chinese, but also within the Chinese community and it's people. Over the many years, the art has been passed down to but a select few disciples and has remained obscure to even the most knowledgeable and informed practitioners. But in the year 1970, something revolutionary happened, and the current Taoist Grandmaster of Xiao Yao Pai, Lie Shang Hu Tao Se, whom at the time lived in Indonesia, rose above this tradition and began openly teaching the secret knowledge of the Tai Shang Men sect for the first time in the history of the school. Year after year, many new disciples were initiated as Taoists under Xiao Yao Pai and the school grew bigger and bigger. Today, there are followers of the school spread throughout the many provinces of Indonesia, most of which are active in traditional Chinese Temples and many others whom choose to practice Tao Yin Shu in the privacy of their own homes. Shortly after the systems' rapid increase in popularity began to sweep across the country, a zealous group of Tao Yin Shu practitioners decided that they needed an independent space where the Divine Taoist Arts could be cultivated. One which would effectively represent the characteristics of the school and act as a venue where Taoist activities and events could be held. And thus, in 1996, the first official Tai Shang Men temple was established in Lampung, Sumatra, and Xiao Yao Pai finally had a home that was open to all. As a testament to the schools success, today, there are over 15 Tai Shang Men temples all around Indonesia. By the year 2000, the Indonesian Taoist Association was founded (PUTI), as an organization which would help to manage it's over 20,000 active and practicing disciples. The organizations focus is on social activity and development. If you can read Indonesian, feel free to visit the PUTIs website: In the next years, Xiao Yao Pai continues to reach out to people and many disciples were eager to establish Taoist Temples in their own towns. To support this idea, in 2003, we made Majelis Tridharma Indonesia (MTI), an Indonesian Taoist Council, that is registered by the Indonesian government as a formal organization of the Taoist religion. The MTIs website. In Indonesia Tao Yin Shu was never officially advertised and it's popularity has always been a direct result of word of mouth. But as we have it today, and with the advent of the internet, words have gained a much more expansive reach than ever possible before. And so in 2007, Grand Master Lie Sang Hu gave us permission to introduce our ancient art to the west, and in 2009 we held the first initiation ceremony in the USA, heralding a new era of Xiao Yao Pai. Now in 2013 and for the first time, a remarkable opportunity to learn Tao Yin Shu is coming directly to the UK. We hope this ancient art can become a light for humanity. The 2 day initiation event planned is to be held in London, the objective of which will be to introduce participants to a Taoist system of spiritual cultivation called Tao Yin Shu or as mentioned before, the Taoist Divine Art. Day 1 will consist of a short seminar lasting about two hours, which will explain the basic concepts of Taoism, followed by a Tao Yin initiation performed by a Taoist Master. The Tao Yin initiation ceremony will trigger and awaken in you the ability to communicate with your Fu Fak Shen and officially make you a disciple of Tai Shang Lao Jun. Once initiated, practitioners will be able to connect with other dimensions in a fully aware non-trance state and establish a connection with the divine realms. Among many other things, this ability will allow you to connect and communicate with any immortal or holy spirit across any belief system, allow you to unravel the secrets of life and the after-life and lead you into the core understanding of Taoism, which is the fundamental origin of all Taoist skills and knowledge such as, medicine, feng shui (geomancy), meditation, talisman skills, ceremonies etc. Your Fu Fak Shen or "guardian" spirit, will establish a connection for communication directly to you and guide you through your practice in a manner specific to your level of development and understanding. During day 2, you will be trained in how to perform Taoist exercises, including basic Qi Gong (Breath exercises) and Jing Zuo (meditation.) After the seminar and initiation event. You can go back home and continue to safely practice the system under the guidance of your Fu Fak Shen, without the need for further assistance. This is a rare opportunity to be initiated by a Taoist Master from a rare Taoist school. NB: At this time there is officially no charge for participating and the Taoist Master will incur the charges for his return ticket from Indonesia to London and back, specifically in order to hold this 2 day event, however, depending on the amount of participants and the resulting venue and accommodation required to hold the event, there will most likely be a small fee which will be split among all participants in order to cover the cost of renting an event space and accommodating the Taoist Master for his 2 day stay in London. Alternatively. The Taoist Master also accepts to be a guest in any participants house for the duration of the seminar and if there is a large enough property available, the event can also be held at a participants residence. In this way, we can eliminate the need for entrance fees all together and keep the event free of charge. We look forward to your attendance and welcome you into the world of Spiritual Taoism through the Tai Shang Men school." Thank you, Laouni
  3. Hello

    Hello to everyone! I'm yet another person who has read this forum on and off for several months and decided to participate. I've been looking to find ways of expanding my interest and knowlege and motivate my practice. Laouni