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  1. Yo

    That made me laugh.
  2. Yin & Yang characteristics

    Thanks again for your advices! I asked for some basic characteristics because I wouldn't know is a given effect a result of more Yin or more Yang. And the information in Internet is confusing. For example: From what I've learned I know the Yin-Yang symbol shows the balance between Yin and Yang. But I've found a book in which was written that the closer Yin and Yang are to 50:50, the more imbalanced is the given thing. Anyway, now it's more easy for me to filter the right information.
  3. Yin & Yang characteristics

    Thanks for all your help, guys! Maybe I should search more before asking... ^^
  4. Yin & Yang characteristics

    Hi again from me! I'm total newbie to Taoism (and Eastern philosophy at all) and I'm sure my question is simple but I can't find the answer and I need your help, guys. It's about Yin and Yang characteristics. I've read some different sources about them and every source says different thing. For example, one of the sources says that Yang is on right direction and Yin - on left. Other says vice versa. One says that Yang is male and is about logical thinking, Yin is female and is about intuition and feelings. Other says that Yin is about logical thinking (and is still female) and Yang is about intuition (and is still male). So I'm very confused. Of course, I have my own opinion and feeling about all this but I'm afraid that I can mistake Western and Eastern philosophy. Where to find a list with the true characteristics of Yin and Yang? And, please, excuse me about my bad English and if I had mistaken the section.
  5. Greetings!

    Hi, guys! Glad I've found this site. Google brought me here while searching for Tao materials. I'm 17, almost 18 and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm interested in magic and occult. I wish you success in all your practices!