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  1. The measuring system by Buddha, was the 5 skandas. Form, Sensation, Conception, Volation and Consciousness Conception is considered the 6th Conciousness, which is always making discriminations. If one is successful in breaking thru this skanda(wind), then one will experientally notice an awareness that alows one to notice the thought or emotion during its rising. With continued practice you will be able to see that the thought comes from no place and goes the same. Using this awareness to watch birth and death is great practice. One must then take this practice into daily life and perfect it all over again. Pure non contrived awareness is the function of the true self. At first you are aware that you are aware, but as time goes by, it is just natural. Desire, Form and Void are not measuring systems for progress in your spiritual cultivation. Conception functions in all three to various degrees determined by your level and consciousness. Best to use the skandas, the 9 samadhis and Dyhana for helping you along your level of attainment. Please read the Suragama Sutra.
  2. Different ways of describing Emptiness

    Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. The Diamond Sutra is great for a topic on emptiness. We can in the beginning think of emptiness as that black hole we are starring into during meditation or the gap we finally realize between thoughts. Once the discrimative consciousness calms down and awareness becomes more experientally noticable, we can hold the gap or the darkness longer. We may think this is emptiness or void. Nirvana, emptiness without false thoughts arises is an Arhats emptiness and we should all strive to get there. However, even in this great emptiness there is still remainder. Only the middle path is perfect.
  3. How you apply Buddhism in life

    With practice and new found awareness we can finally witness our thoughts, feelings etc. We then tackle our behavioral issues head on. As we continue to practice cessation and prajna, we slowly work thru the skandas and finally become helpful to society. Effortless awareness is pure consciousness and a function of our true self. We learn to function from this new being instead of the old karma fixed conciousness we have carried around from who knows.
  4. The Final Dhyana

    Best to become intellectualy proficient by study, then to put this knowledge into practice and experience directly all we can before death. Everything that I have read and been told, suggests that unless you realize the Tao now, when will you ever get another chance as a human, let alone to hear or learn the Dharma. Fear of the unknown could be a great motivator, but in the end, it must be shed also.
  5. Year 2008 William Bodri

    Hi, I used the pen name of shine. First word I saw on the wall of papers. This is a comment on an old post, but just wanted to give everyone the benefit of more information before making blind assumptions. I started Meditation and Hatha Yoga when I was in 7th grade. I have studied Martial Arts, Chi Kung all my life and only in the past 10 years serious meditation. I undertook a painful task of studing the great references to various religions and pulling out the spiritual culitivation training and knowledge to cross reference it and make better sense. I came across Master Nan years ago, who is Bodri's teacher. They both are the real deal and I sure hope those cultivators out there, will use some Prajna before casting shadows. Unless we are enlightened, we should never doubt the words of those whom are enlightened from the past. Master Nan is recognized as an enlighted Master of Buddhism, Taoism and Tibetian Buddhism. I have read all his works and Bodri's and find them to be right on the mark with my studies in Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianty. As the saying goes, don't take my word for it, ready all the materials for 30 years, and practice and you will see the truth for yourself. Good luck