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  1. Somebody took the day off from Taoism. Nice use of attitude and explicatives. Flowing softly like water, not hardened at all by your surroundings. Lets butt heads instead of realizing that this is just the physical world, not anything that actually matters. Lao Tzu would pat you on the back for that posting, I'm sure of it. WWLTD??? What Would Lao Tzu Do???
  2. Hello, My name is Larry and I live in the pacific northwest (north of Seattle). I'm just looking around, trying to learn a little about Taoism. From reading various threads so far I see that its mostly bickering and bragging and that goes on here. The pictures of your members (thread avatar) have them holding man made weapons used for fighting (more hostility). So this is the Tao as you see it... no thanks, I prefer something a little gentler and closer to nature, like Lao Tzu's teachings. Good day all. Take care bums, Larry