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  1. didgeridoo

    Mantak Chia says that the 8 healing sounds are originally designed to root the practitioner. Opposed to this theory the martial arts develop the push competition so that its students learn how to root, there for improving there training. I did train with the 8 healing sounds with not that much result, so i moved to didgeridoo listening and now start to learn to play it, with a much higher success rate. If you don't know what is rooting, rooting is an established connection with your self which improves the effects of your Qigong or yoga practice. With out this you can't reach that high levels that probably you are aiming. Let me know what do you think about this.
  2. zeitgeist

    Ya, but Zeitgeist speak of religious beliefs, this discussion is rooted in Zeitgeist point of view. Loving your self is a form of applying love, when you care about beautiful and ugly you avoid using your love. Its the mind attempting to change instead of attempting to love. You can love your partner flaws or you can attempt to change them. Mantak Chia was more spiritual energetic point of view: "avoid projecting energy in to others to compact it". One time i meet a person who said was enlightened. He use hes own teaching: "Integrate your self, all the mind pieces back in to unity". Integrate, love or no project same thing in different points of views. I'm more in to love my self, it's how i understand. When you think for your self, you will be much closer to it. You are much more connected to your self that if you copy others.
  3. zeitgeist

    Vmarco are you still hurry about the others or you hurry about your self? When i write that i was to entangle in life affairs i mean that i start to hurry about my social image to much. Its not what you write Vmarco is how you write it. Just because, how you written Vmarco, i know you have to much sexual energy circulating. You can fix that by hurry more about your self. Care less about studying, you study that much to put it in others face. This is just an example nothing to do with you. Like many people who meditate; They do it to show a state to others, they don't do it for them self's, in the deep, they don't want peace they don't want enlightenment they just want something to put in others face. Enlightenment means peace, show peace to your self, enjoy peace, be in peace. If any one or any thing don't give you peace not go near them unless you have the strength to show them peace. Enlightenment is the same was belief or believing. A search for a state or thing to put it in others face. Its an emotional state. The truth or love is opposite to enlightenment, do not attach to enlightenment and you will save your soul. If you read Da Mo teaching, he speaks more on salvation of the soul then any thing else. This concepts can easy miss lead you to serve others needs. Lets say you go to a congregation of zen monks, they tell you: our path is enlightenment, Buda enlightenment him self, its available to all, any one can became a Buda. Come and meditate with us. How miss leading this can be? Did they give you any thing? Did they have any to offer? They offer their own goals to you, a true master will tell you search your own peace. Search how to love our self. enlightenment is just another form of belief, so the religious authority can profit with you. In this topic: "PLEASE READ THIS! HOW DO YOU CHANGE SOMEONE!?!?!?! There must be a way?"; AЯAB says: "Honestly F*** every thing I've ever said on tao bums I don't give a rats ass about enlightenment or any of that, I want my family back to normal"; This is closer to self love and peace that you can ever get. Vmarco its your choice to undertake the eternal search to find something to put on others face or choose to love your self.
  4. zeitgeist

    When i was around 10 years i decided to abandon all that i have. (Buda self abandon) God descend upon me and said: "how our you"? (Christianity God) i replay: "i prefer the place i come from". He then show me the other plane: We have all possible things in one state, no movement, no food, no sleep, only love, only happiness all in one state. We already have all things. God asked : "is this you want?" I replay: "I'm to young i want to see what life is". (he went away...) You need to be very well prepared in order to accept that. If you not know what love is or not abandon all that you have, how are you going to accept such thing? To receive all for nothing you will surely think its madness. Now for what i have understand we reincarnate from a plane of fullness in to a plane of emptiness. Having all to having nothing in order to give value to the fullness state. In the bible God say this in symbol form: "Angels can not evolve there for can not learn". Irony also? We are the angels. Do not ask me where Jesus is because i do not know, nor ask me about Buda enlightenment i also do not know. As i stated before, it is a mix of Jesus love with Buda abandon off all things. Only by abandon all you have can you receive all back. Its not at a material level but at an emotional one which can be the same. First you let go in the mind and then in the physical world. "Jesus to Peter: there will be a time when you will be prevented to use your own will". Jesus consider this as spiritual practice, allow your self, by your free will to be chained in prison. If you want experience the indescribable fullness, love your self up to a point to abandon all that you have so you can enlighten your self, but it will be by God hand.
  5. zeitgeist

    I manage to enter in to bliss a long time ago, before i got my self entangled in life affairs. It is a mix between Jesus Christ Salvation and Buda enlightenment. How can you say such thing if you never experienced it for your self? Worse, people are always quoting Buda or Christ or someone else can't you think for your self? Since the moment i start posting my own thoughts i got nothing but inflammes, worse then not thinking is judging others for thinking. In deep, what most peole say is others thoughts are not in the book there for can not be truth. If you mix Buda self center with Christ love you will find it. Quoting this or that leads you to another people quote. Sure if you want to entertain you self. Ok. Look at people on Zeitgeist they say that for thinking they got death threats, guess thinking for your self can be a dangerous affair. You will have more spiritual realization thinking for your self then spending your hole life read about Christ or Buda. Sure its important to have more knowledge but don't let your self be manipulated by it.
  6. zeitgeist

    Marblehead was long you understand it for your self that's the important thing
  7. zeitgeist

    "we need to draw our attention to what is true in us, for unless we learn to recognize the true as the true, there can be a lasting transformation, and you will always be drawn back into god, for that is how the true perpetuates itself" love is the truth love your self and you will find god do you love others? then you do not love your self
  8. zeitgeist

    Think this is their slogan: Manage resources up to the most possible way to remove our need to buy a car a house or to have a full time job in order to free us from the slavery of the civilization.
  9. zeitgeist

    I agree. Not that convinced in how they will apply such broad concept, if they start to be cooperative in small areas first, i think they could be more successful. while we watch so many people doing nothing... witness some debate and afford to improve our society its a start.
  10. zeitgeist

    A very interesting analyses on our society, political, economic , genetics model of life.
  11. Baguazhang help!

    great video
  12. Wild Goose, the healer form

    Dainin That is a good contribution and a great piece of information. I didn't realize that Wild Goose was becoming so popular in China. I'm always looking for more information on this subject. I don't post stuff that i have not experience. People often replay "yo settler i read this in the book, you are wrong". What did you experience for your self? The books are full of theories, unless you experience for your self they are meaningless. Read a piece of information and argue about it is meaningless.
  13. Wild Goose, the healer form

    You suggesting we all stay here and do nothing? Go do something useful of your life. I'm here to contribute with a better training program to the world. You are here only to complain. Go work and leave my topic alone. When we have a big mouth and work little it will be very hard to develop the true Chi.
  14. Wild Goose, the healer form

    Who said "Seth" (or whatever is real name is) was a whore? I said that by calling him self Seth he also named him self eternal whore, that is the description in the bible. "The eternal whore". Which is also another name for Satan. Seth is Satan. Do you understand the connection? Point 1: I did not discriminate any one i pointed out that I'm in favor of heterosexuals. Hes preferences are none of my business. Point 2: You can only enter my house if you are heterosexual. this is discriminating him. Point 3: I speak that i like heterosexuals and he answer i don't like that. By that logic he is discriminating me. Do i have or not have the right to like whatever i want? I assume my guilty by calling him from the devil. But if we called me from God or from Jesus i hold not be offended. I hold thank him. He assumed him self as Seth/Satan he should accept that compliment. But, if he is your friend and you want to protect him, yes i accept your warning and resume my self to my insignificance. But if not. Validate my claim and removed my warning. I have not offended any one.
  15. Wild Goose, the healer form

    Seth Ananda Dude if you don't want to read. Don't come here. Obvious you are not a person of trust. You are a disbeliever in the practice, in your self and in others. You just create disbelieve and recklessness. You created more nonsense in one post that i have created in all my 30 poorly English posts. If you are suppose to believe me, no you are suppose to believe in Jesus Christ. "I am the sun of God he gave me power to give all flesh eternal life" - Jesus Christ Or do you believe your are above Christ? You are from the devil. A person that entitle him self as the Seth. God of the Abyss and destruction eater of human flesh. The eternal whore. That is from the Devil in poor plain sight. Don't come here your presence is annoying and disturbing. You aura is dark. You are probably in some deep dark stuff that i advice any person of good to be far away. And that kundalini that you do i also practice that, that is pure devil. Mixing of female and male energy that will make you like this guy in the foto which is Satan a person who do not know who if he is a female or a male. Transcendental energy is not like that at all, it doesn't create confusion in only gives bliss it dosen't change you in to an homosexual, like many satanists are. Because they mixed those energy they don't know you they really are. Dude let me give you a personal advice leave that stuff. Jesus loves you in any way you are, you don't need that stuff just to be some one.