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  1. What Brought you Here?

    Very sublime V. Thanks.
  2. What brought you to the way? What made you seek out spiritualism? Personally I discovered information on the way unintentionally long ago. I thought it was interesting but only after 'living the lie' so to speak of materialistic society did I realize it wasn't fulfilling for me. Or rather I was lousy at the game so I went looking for something else. It's my alienation from the norm that propelled me down this, which is for me, 'the only true path'. Is it possible that spiritualism is a sort an escape route for those who 'suck' at materialism? Are we, the supposed enlightened, the weak? The rejects? What drove you to this point? Were you indoctrinated with it since childhood? I'm just trying to decipher a kind of basic phenotype to the seeker class. Your histories would be excellent to read. Or any thoughts or ideas welcomed. The more the marry her. Om.
  3. Happy New Year!

    So the world didn't end after all. Ommmm.
  4. Pillows!

    P E R F E C T
  5. Have you noticed how the robots select 'archetypes'? Goth, sportsfan, hippie etc. Do people you know such as family friends seem to be these robots? Or maybe they are ultimate beings only appearing as robots. It's possible this 'spiritual' path is a curse or a kind of trial for weaker souls. Think about if everybody knew about the robots but just played along with it for the entertainment of each other and themselves as well as to train these weaker souls. Passing judgement on the bots seems erroneous. It seems better to view them as your superiors by purpose or your superiors by child-like innocent bliss. Is the spiritual path harder then the ignorant path? Is it even superior? If you could redesign every aspect of your life would you select this same one? Just some ideas. Also, I'm very curious to the profit you make via donations on your site. You seem to get a lot of hits. I don't mean to be rude but are you making enough to live on? That would be a dream come true no? Ommmmm.
  6. What's some alternate explanations to bi-polarism besides the brain/chemical approach? How do you come back from states of intense anger and depression? Let them come? But if you let them come they come. I just entered into an intense enraged state... What is this? Just the ego? Why does the ego attempt to make life worse for itself? It's baffling. Why shouldn't the ego's goal be positive? Why would the anger return. It seems like it builds up if you try to deny it. I'm extremely vicious. I'm glad at least I found this site where I am not judged and don't have to conceal rage. Ommmmmm.
  7. Excellent alias.

  8. It seems as though the way is different for everyone. It's specific to each person. If this is true than what are the chances of someone else's dao is the same as yours. It seems like this may be the flaw of a lot of religious teachings. They contain LAWS which might not jive for you. In the end do these teaching's and the advice from others really do anything more then prod you into discovering your true way? Are they just an accumulation of rental husks forming a pile we climb to reach our own individual truth? Or do all these paths lead to one universal truth? I'm undecided. What do you think? Is it all within you or can it only be found by seeking outside yourself. So bizarre to contemplate. So bizarre indeed. Ommmmmm.
  9. I think steve hit the hammer on the head. Also, I think you need to decide if you really need this or not. Doesn't all relationship eventually lead to suffering? Is it only a temporary fix? The answer of course is within your own soul. Search it. If you really need these other people then go out and get them. It's simple. Liberating. Exciting. OR Give up these incessant thoughts of a terrified ego. Decide for yourself your true nature. Cut these desires from your life. It's simple. Liberating. You remind me of myself years ago. If you are anything like me you are in for one hell of a ride. But when you arrive you will realize all the steps were necessary. I recommend to stop masturbating immediately. You will be sickeningly surprised at how much this seemingly innocuous addiction controls your thought patterns. Conserve your energy it's in finite supply. If you are a writer then you must be a reader. READ: The Teaching's of Don Juan: A Yaqui way of knowledge Ommmmmmmmmm.
  10. What Is Non-Duality ?

    They could not save her body, but they save her soul.
  11. Fucked Up!

    I was surprised to read that other tao-bums struggle with addiction. I don't know how to take it. Then again, any judgement is ILLUSION. Ommmmmmmm.
  12. Fucked Up!

    I was surprised to read that other tao-bums struggle with addiction. I don't know how to take it. Then again, any judgement is ILLUSION. Ommmmmmmm.

    Is all illusion ?
  14. Any writers?

    LeonBasin. He writes. Also the best book on screenwriting I've read is called 'The way of the screenwriter' I highly recommend it. I've written a feature length script. Finished the second draft. I entered the bluecat screenwriting competition and didn't win the 50 grand. Ommmmmmm.