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  1. vast visible energy

    hey guys. im new just wanted to say hi, well i think i had to or something. for about 3 or 4 years ive been able to see white energy in my eyelids and on walls and in air. if im next to a hospital i can see its circular motions a few stories up, ive had a few experiences where i felt infinitely small and large at once. it was so familiar, the act of me trying to figure out where id felt it before made the experience fade. at first i thought it felt likea big rock on top of a small one, then maybe was it a food ive tried when i was younger? about 6 of these experiences ive had, i meditate everyday but i almost seem to be getting further away from it. why cant i always feel this energy that i can see soooo vast? i sometimes get lost in a thought and then explode back to, with chaotic flares and spinning energetic mass, how to bring just a small wave of light into my being? im depressed. love u all. formless familiarity