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  1. right now I only practice Chunyi Lin's structure within qigong (spring forest qigong), i'd like to know what people think of it, i've shrunk my disease by an eye-balled 70%, so i think it works amazingly. But my question right now is for the facts that i'd like to stop being self-concious, start being more considerate, more loving to my soulmate, more confident, a better decision maker, more goodvibed, less clumsy, more quick thinking and humourishly clever. that type of thing, i used to do alot of drugs(freqeunt misuse of LSD and trippin with hateful people) so all of this is in repercussion of that.
  2. clumsy and ungraceful

    I trip over alot of things, i'm physically uncareful, basically i'm clumsy. any types of meditation for this?
  3. a brain is trained to interpret words and situations to mean something negative & then re-interpret them into personal attacks(when people are just talking about regular things), is there a meditation to clear and release that? i'd also like it if sounds didn't make me flinch too. any help would be much appreciated
  4. Sex arts

    it makes her upset, i believe she thinks it's a deeper issue like she's 'asexual' or a lesbian, which don't make sense cause she really really loves man, but consider that she is a bisexual. her only being able to get herself is the way it's always been apparently, no other person, male or female has before. maybe i'll just reframe it so she can accept that that's the way her body works. still, any direction towards reframing the idea or any other suggestions, any of Chia's work help with this sort of thing?
  5. Sex arts

    it's very simple, my girl and I both perform some energy arts. I was wondering if there was anything we could do to enable her to orgasm and ejaculate without her having to touch herself. That could be as simple as me using my hand but if there is anything else, throw your advice this way. It might also be important that every single day she is stressed out from a family that dehumanizes her, and her mom who was a warm hearted person has passed. keep the peace in.
  6. i'm new

    hey there folks, i'm new to these types of arts. I do self-healing qigong and some forms of meditation for clearing channels and opening chakras. I don't know much, i may misuse words here and there. but my first question is, what should I read or where should I go do be able to use qi for whatever my imagination desires. I guess i'd just like to understand the energetic anatomy on the human body and whatever else I would need to know.