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  1. Stillness-Movement Neigong Review

    Hi Everyone! I am currently a student of Michaels and will be attending the workshop at Dr. Shealy's in November. This will be my fourth workshop and I am really looking forward to what the energy will be like at such an interesting locale. Currently I am a LMT (licensed massage therapist) who is integrating what I have learned about stillness-movement and the taoist medicine with very positive results. I am a bit ill-fated with technology but hope to be around a bit and maybe post some case studies. In regards to the experiences one has at one of Michael's workshops I can only describe them as a "tailored fit" for each individual that finds him or her self attending one! I haven't quite figured out how to quote other people's post yet but I really enjoyed what surfingbuddha had to say about his experience. Also, I believe I have attended a workshop with Ben a couple years back and hope to see him at the workshop in a few weeks!
  2. Greetings!

    Just thought I would say hello to everyone as I am new to this world.