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  1. Hello from new member, Rhino

    Hi again It's been a while since I was actually able to post anything here - I have been writing reports ad nauseum for work, and after that, time at the computer palls really.................. Anyway, a big thank you to 'Mal', 'Xeusheng', 'DarinHamel', 'Lezlie' and 'Andonitxo' for your warm replies, and welcome messages. 'Cloud Recluse' I'll thank you next time I chat to you on the phone! Sean: Thank you - I can see Cloud Recluse has left an impression!! Mal, If I grow up to be a Taoist, I want to be Leunig - for a Christian, he makes the most fabulous Taoist!!! Glad to be part of the site Have a great day Cheers 'Rhino'
  2. Hello from new member, Rhino

    Thanks 'Mal' We do seem to be somewhat few and far between though (sigh) Cheers 'Rhino' P.S. My son (11yrs) would be vastly impressed with the fact that you quote Qui gon jin in your signature block!!
  3. Hello from new member, Rhino

    Hello to everyone from Canberra Australia, Just a quick post to introduce myself on the site. I am exploring this, after having 'Tao Bums' recommended to me by my close friend 'The Cloud Recluse'. I have very loosely described myself as a Taoist for many years, (although I do not feel limited by this 'label' in any proscribed / exclusive sense of the term), and have also explored and practised some shamanism (feeling that it very comfortably compliments my Taoist outlook), as well as some limited dabbling in voodoo - a bit of a delicious melange of beliefs really!! I have had some very 'successful' and intense experiences in these areas (and a few others), and it frustrates 'The Cloud Recluse' no end, that I do not spend more time in some kind of regular practise. He tells me that I get results easily and quickly, and on a few occasions we have had to tone something back as I have had some overly strong (and sometimes undesirable) effects. I would love to spend some more time in practise and exploration, but often don't find the time / energy (plus sometimes I'm just slack!!) What can I say - I'm a working sole Mum, so I tend to have a pretty busy (chaotic, frantic!) life. Anyway, I'm glad to be here, and I look forward to chatting and learning. Have a great day Cheers 'Rhino'