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  1. Hi

    Okay I said my piece. Now I leave. Apologies to the moderators for breaking my indefinite ban. Blessings, friends. -Scott (turtleshell)
  2. Hi

    Hmm...well, if this doesn't work: I just wanted to clear some things up which were said about me here. They were misleading at best. Not a big deal if I'm unable to, though.
  3. Hi

    Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ
  4. Hi

    Posting a few times in here...hopefully it will let me post my reply in the General Discussion forum soon...
  5. Hi

    Hi, Flolfolil.
  6. Hi

    I'm hoping to briefly respond to one post, and then will very likely fade back into obscurity. Om.
  7. Moderation at the Tao bums

    I have not abused anyone, either. Yet I am suspended. The reason given was that I have been 'provocative'.
  8. Moderation at the Tao bums

    Be a mature adult and take some responsibility for your own words. My reasons for acting the way I have been here are of an entirely pure intent. So I'm good, between myself and my Accuser. I also fail in the prayer, and that is why you don't see me posting it.
  9. Alwayson's case

    It should be okay. That must be made clear here! By the moderators! Here is something Sean said regarding the insult policy: That being said: I find the current moderation's opinions, techniques and approach to be absurd, evil, stupid and ridiculous. Not just saying that. I really believe it.
  10. Alwayson's case

    If that were the policy here, then: awesome! Or if the policy is strictly "no insults", then: awesome! But to rapidly switch between these two extremes based on the moderator's personal bias regarding various members here? Not acceptable.
  11. Moderation at the Tao bums

    There are rules, which I have respected and followed according to the spirit as well as the letter. Yet the moderators suspended me (I suggest you read the entire Seth Ananda thread carefully, without bias). My response is to take my freedom...not have it doled out to me by surprisingly corrupt human beings. Those who have no real power when it comes down to it. All of the rules here are arbitrary, yet we respect them as members of this community. Keep it in perspective.
  12. Moderation at the Tao bums

    The prayer is an exceedingly difficult benchmark to live up to, and I fail in doing so every day. Today included. You have not been an instrument of peace for the Lord by posting what you did. You did not sow love in your post. You did not pardon us for our opinions and actions. You did not spread light; in fact you've spread darkness by posting your ignorance (we are guests and not members here? etc). You did not bring joy to fact the opposite. You did not console anyone. You didn't understand our points of view, nor were you understanding towards anyone in general. You did not love either in feeling or action. Nothing bothers me more than someone putting on a front, spiritually. If you're going to talk the talk (of this prayer) then you better walk the walk. Otherwise, your words and character are worthless. May the prayer actually work the next time you use it.
  13. Alwayson's case

    Is there a rule against saying this? Rhetorical question. I'm not going to honor such a bullshit rule.