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  1. Hi. I've read your topic. Should I know where are you from? [i'm writing to you cause I think we are interested in same field]. Anyway, nice to meet you, my name is Saro. I am a taoist from Italy. I practice Taiji Chen style and Qi Gong. I'm studing chinese too.

  2. Taoist Relationships

    I hope I did not sound judgmental of Taoists men as that was not my intention. Everyone has the right to be attracted to whomever they want to be and better to know right away what someone is seeking.
  3. I wish not to be jealous

    I noticed you were in High School and I think it wonderful that you are pursuing a spiritual path so young and can see where you want to improve yourself and balance your emotions. I am not a jealous type of person but was with a man who was and it can be challenging. When I left he was very angry and sad and projected a lot of that on to me. Many times women are heart broken even when they are the one to leave a relationship. Letting her go frees up your energy as well so see this break up as a growing experience and know you will love again. You are perfect right here and now just learn to see that and love yourself while working on cultivating your virtue. If you do not meditate try to learn and dedicate time to a regular practice. As a teenager your body is going through lots of changes so eating a clean diet can help as well like veggies, fruits and mung beans for protein with no preservatives, coloring or additives. Just the fact that you wish to change can create change.
  4. Taoist Relationships

    Thank you for all the variety of responses as we are all so unique in our expression and words can be taken in so many ways.I am overflowing with love and joy and do not need a partner to feel happy as I am content. I do have an abundance of sexual energy and I feel it is healthy for me to share that if even if through subtle sex. I get asked to go out on dates a lot but I am not interested in casual sex as making love is sacred to me and part of my spirituality. The internet does not feel like a natural way to connect because there is not that instant magnetic soul attraction and as I have come to realize many older men are searching for women much younger with very specific beauty to satisfy them. I am seeking one that sees way beyond the physical realm. I wanted advice on a Taoist forum and now realize even men who consider themselves to be high level cultivators have different intentions and motivations. I am just going to focus on my spiritual life and meditating as that is really the only thing in the world for me worth pursuing.Cultivating humility, compassion and virtue is what I am putting my energy into.
  5. Website/book for learning human anatomy

    Anatomy is like learning a foreign language so I also recommend audio tapes as well to get the correct pronunciation. Learning anatomy can be like learning meditation it becomes a passion.
  6. Website/book for learning human anatomy

    I love anatomy! The best books have found are: Trail Guide to the Body - wonderful for palpating to find the exact location of a muscle. Functional Anatomy - textbook that has amazing pictures Key Muscles for Yoga Volume 1 and 2 by Ray Long is more basic and shows you exactly what muscles are being used when in yoga poses. A few good videos are out there and also the BodyWorlds exhibit which is fascinating. Although I believe we are not just our bodies our body temples are incredibly complex and it's wise to understand and appreciate them.
  7. Sungazing

    I have been vegetarian my whole life, was completely raw for 20 years including being just a fruitarian. Then was a 'breathatarian' meaning I mostly lived off of prana but had juice and herbs then breatharian only sun and moon gazing. Now I am vegan half raw and half ayurvedic/taoist diet with no grains except sprouted quinoa. One day I want to do a dark cave fast with no water. One challenging part is remaining grounded which I see in many 100% raw foodists and I really love being down to Earth so I eat a lot root veggies. I am an empath so compassion for others suffering is intense when I do not eat. I do believe that being vegan not only prevents animals from suffering but is one of the best ways to help the environment. However I am not judgmental and feel people should eat what feels right to them. I would rather be in the company of a humble happy grounded person that eats meat than an arrogant ungrounded breatharian.
  8. Taoist Relationships

    Ooops I didn't mean teach me bedroom arts as us 40 something year old women can be extremely orgasmic and don't need lessons. I meant I was seeking a Qigong Adept who was a high level cultivator to share knowledge of internal alchemy and qigong..
  9. Taoist Relationships

    Thank you for all the diverse responses. I am not a white tiger as I like to circulate energy with a lover.I only tried online dating as I have such unusual interests in Taoism, meditation, Qigong and am a nature lover. I am content and have self love I just feel sexuality is part of my spirituality. A lovers appearance, race, weight and even age were not important to me I just was seeking a kind, humble spiritual soul and it surprised me that older Taoist men were so focused on a woman's "stunning" or "raving" beauty. I came to the realization that I was choosing a potential lover on his ability to also be my qigong teacher. I am just going to focus on meditation and see who shows up.
  10. Sungazing

    I was a Breatharian and used the sun as a source of energy. Hira Raten Mantek, an Indian sage, is a wonderful person to learn to sungaze from. You want to be careful not to damage your retina and only gaze at sunrise and sunset by starting very slowly. If you are also fasting you may find this energy to be ungrounding. I am always seeking new methods to ground. You can also moon gaze which has a very different energenic quality. When I first started sungazing I could smell roses and certain people could smell roses around me even though I was not wearing essential oil. :rolleyes:
  11. Golden Flower

    Wonderful resource for Taoists to share information. Thank you for providing this form. I am interested in Neidan, Qigong and Tai Chi.