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  1. "Shinka" Meditation System

    I bought and tried this Shinka Meditation sytem. And I very satisfied with this shinka meditation system. I like "Twilight_wind" track very much. this track make me have better sleep and so nice dream. I only listen to this track and not follow their user guide. lol Wish their can make and release an update that let us to hear the sound without using earphone. I only hear "Twilight_Wind" track, because I get best result with this track. I think they must give more detail explaination on their other tracks. maybe other user testimonials for each track will help me and other user to get some information about the useage for each tracks.
  2. my first post

    Hi, i just join this forums today. found it from google saerching. just join, but can not post any reply before post here. so sorry for waste you time for read this post.