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  1. Fu Jou

    Hey, I think it's important that this kind of information is up front... Anyway, he does seem legit, and some of his other books look really interesting as well. His lineage certainly lends him credibility--and it's great that he's shared so much of his knowledge.
  2. Fu Jou

    oops forgot to link
  3. Fu Jou

    Here is an interesting thread, I haven't read it all, but there is a post by Summer which (seems sincere) and is interesting to read. Part of that post connects back to this thread. In reference to the author's family home during wwII: "When the Japanese were bombing China, all the people in the village used to run to the Ni house because it never got bombed. It was spiritually protected."
  4. Fu Jou

    Sloppy Zhang, yeah pretty damn instinctive indeed. Well put. Seems like this book is exactly what I was hoping to find--sweet. Thanks Stig for filling me in on Fu Jyeo, it's really interesting stuff. If enough of us get the book maybe we can collectively work through it, or have a thread for questions about practicing, etc. a note: looks like hua ching ni has written over 70 books in english and 50 in chinese, according to his organization's website (this seems unlikely.) It's probably true that he knows a lot, and has a lot to share, but it also means he is a self help guru. That doesn't necessarily disqualify his work, it's just a red flag, for me anyway. I still plan to buy the book. But he's not an old hermit just come down from the mountain, he's a millionaire living in a mansion in Malibu--and good for him. He and his sons run a Chinese medicine school in California. Maybe this forum has already discussed him?
  5. Fu Jou

  6. Fu Jou

    "Fu Jou, the drawing of mystical pictures and the writing and recital of mystical invocations for the purpose of evoking a response from the subtle realm of the universe" Hua Hu Ching, pp.68 of the Walker translation (section Fifty-five.) I came across this recently, while rereading the book, and have been wondering about what this practice might entail--how would one make mystical drawings? I was hoping someone may have read about this practice elsewhere and might be able to lead me in the right direction to find out more. I'm reminded of Shaker spirit drawings (The Shakers were a Christian community mostly in upstate New York about 150 years ago who trembled/shook during parts of worship--someone might know more about this than I)--it seems to me that these drawings were made in trance (though I'm not certain of this...) In a way, it also makes me think of Ouija boards, not something I have experience with, though... If you haven't heard of Fu Jou outside the context of this book, then what do you think of it? What is meant by, "Response from the subtle realm?"
  7. Hello

    Hello all, I found the forum today after doing some research on things I read in the Hua Hu Ching. It's a very cool forum, so I've come to hang out. I hope my questions and I are welcome. On me: I'm big on sci-fi, art (going to galleries/museums and the act of creation,) and right now I'm reading a book on memory techniques (and beginning to practice them.) I'm also interested in learning about the I-Ching. And I hope we'll talk soon!