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  1. I see nothing wrong with a litte lust in a relationship, I like be lusted over and I like to feel lust sometimes, this doesn't change the love I feel for them, they are two different things.... But I do agree lust should not be confused for love.
  2. "Be like water"

  3. Taoist Relationships

    I am just speaking for myself, in my experience one has to find out why the relationships they have been in to this point have failed. I had two failed marriages, and almost gave up on love all together, before I came to the place where I looked into myself and realized that I was picking these types of relationships that always ended bad. This realization freed me, and I was then able to see more clearly what I really was looking for in a relationship.
  4. Sungazing

    I do not know much about sun gazing, I have watched a few shows on it, but not practiced it. I practice gathering chi through breathing for energy, but I do like to take pictures of the sun.
  5. can you be normal and get the tao?

    Very true Tao Master:)
  6. can you be normal and get the tao?

    For me, being in harmony with the Tao, and finding my true self is a very personal thing, and may be not be the same as others, this is why some people may feel I am not normal when I find my path. People tend to want to have everyone believe the exact why they do, and if you do not, then you will be labeled non normal by them.
  7. can you be normal and get the tao?

    I think if a person truly walks in harmony with the Tao, there will be many people who will think you are not normal, but is that really a bad thing?
  8. Hello

    Just wanted to say hi, looking forward to seeing what this place is like,