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  1. Da Liu

    Hi Little1. I've been training since I was 7. various external arts at first, then moved over into the internal arts about 10 years ago when I began training in Aikido. Changed my focus to Tai Chi 5 years ago when I studied Chen style and now I am learning Yang style. Anything that brings me inner peace is my Philosophy. I read alot of books on Taoism, meditation, the I Ching etc... I'm just looking for peace.
  2. Da Liu

    I recently started training Yang style with Sifu Herb Cohen, one of Da Liu's students. I am attempting several things: 1. Find information on Da Liu himself 2. trace his lineage and 3. link him to Chang Man Ching (their forms are to silimar to be coincidental.) What I have found so far is this... Dal Liu passed away on July 28, 2000 at the age of 96. He began his Tai Chi studies under Sun Lutang (Sun style founder). He later returned to China and studied Yang style under Master Li Li Chou in Hunan Province, who was president of the Shanghai Tai Chi Assoc. Da Liu taught in NYC in places like the UN, the China Institute, YMCA's, Columbia University's Teachers College, Catherdral School of St. John the Divine and the Riverside Church. what I have so far on his lineage is theis... Sun Lutang (sun style)/Master Li Li Chou (yang style) - Da Liu(1904-2000)- Herb Cohen, Ron Caruso, Reggie Jackson, Charles Riley, Joseph Guida Herb Cohen - Frank (me) If anyone has anymore info or leads please let me know. Thanks
  3. Da Liu

    Hello eveyone, new to the forum. Using it to find information on my Sigong - Da Liu. I recently started taking Tai chi classes with one of his students. Da liu seems to be a mystery, not much on him. I have some information and have found many of his students online, but really nothing on him.