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  1. Ching Chi questions

    Good response ChiDragon As for me, falling between 2-3 are rather false. I am a teenager so it's kinda not possible to feel exhaustion after ejaculation. I trust my body, and after ejaculation i feel like i've lost energy, and my mood drops. I have energy for everything but i just kinda feel like sh*t. Same thing happens if you like, dont wash yourself for 3 days - you can do everything, you have the energy, but you are frustrated, angry and feel like sh*t. But i see we have made some kind of understanding. I still think Multi Orgasmic Man works better than 100% and that you told good things, that if i train Formula 1 basic MCO and else, it will improve both my Tao skills and MOM skills ;D (so to speak) Since i have alot of time, best to train them simultaneusly Thank you all for a wonderfull discussion. Since problem is solved, i can propose that the topic is closed
  2. Ching Chi questions

    Dunno if it exists or no - anything that does what it should be doing is okay (Placebo effect) I wonder ChiDragon, what is your answer to become Multi Orgasmic Man (without ejaculation) and to maintain that status without much effort? I've seen many repilies,that Mantak Chia book works, here you made it look worse, and also needing the initial practices. Simply closing the muscles won't do the thing, it needs seperation. Plus Mantak Chia tells us that after alot of practice, it becomes so easy that a simple thought does the thing. I keep my point of view and i hope the Mantak Chia Formula 1 books will help me to locate and control this energy. I want to be great lover, and i hate the feelings of ejaculation (during and after,like fatique but not the orgasm of course :>) Since my primary goal is to be master at Multi Orgasmic Man techniques anything that does it work will do. But if i am to face the truth that it is impossible, or it is much harder and not so good as i thought, i just prefer to stay in my lie and keep training. (I kinda can't draw the energy to my perineum, while some time ago i was feeling it more clearly and up in my brain) Loking forward to further discussion
  3. Ching Chi questions

    Thank you very much! I'll everything from the start, as you reccommend. It kinda interests me though, that i've seen many reviews about this book letting people achieve the goal of being multi orgasmic in less than 2 months, also without any previous or other practices. How could it be? Also, could anybody comment on my response to @Lux Ferre about my recent discovery? Im curious to find out i think right
  4. Ching Chi questions

    @ChiDragon I have absolutely no experience in any of thos internal arts. I've only read the Mantak Chia book and a couple of articles that PC muscle, when contracted in right moment, can let you achieve multi orgasms. And about the test,i feel air going deep in my belly, so i think it's right @Lux ferre Then probably one of us misunderstood something In his book he is clearly talking about drawing the Ching Chi up to brain, instead of ejaculation, which leads to possibility of unlimited whole-body orgasms. Although yesterday i experienced different phenomena. When I (apparently) drained some of my Ching Chi to my perineum while being highly aroused, every time i contracted my PC muscle i felt like Ching Chi in my perineum circulated which made me feel almost orgasmic feelings at my perineum! Awesome feeling and i wasn't even close to point of no return If this is type of orgasms YOU are talking about, then it's even better than stopping the ejaculation, because you feel orgasms all the time! (without even 1% of urge to ejaculate and finish) "orgasm energy is the feeling you get when you're aroused but NOT ejaculating." And it fits! If you mean i can be like frozen in orgasmic state and continue to make love with my lover for like 5 hours (and feeling newborn after, without any ejaculations) then i'm just saying - WOW! Then i should just learn to make Ching Chi circulate all the time during sex, without muscle contractions. Am i thinking right?
  5. Ching Chi questions

    @bubbles Thank you, I'll try those. @Lux Ferre I think you're wrong. Orgasm is that short period of extasy, the Multi-Orgasmic Man technique is to achieve this short period of extasy in prolonged and Non-Ejaculatory version. This is how i see it, being aroused isn't having an orgasm - it's just being aroused. When i stopped the ejaculation, i also stopped the orgasm, which means i haven't successfully seperated them and moved the Ching Chi up to my brain. And still awaiting answers for my questions.
  6. Ching Chi questions

    Hello I'm practicing "Multi-Orgasmic Man" techniques and i encountered a couple problems that need solving, i hope you can help me. First of all - As i read, before learning Big Draw better to master Cool Draw. So i do every day. But i'm not sure i'm doing it good. I don't feel mini orgasms, or bolts of electricity. I feel only very mild "touch" of refreshing energy all the way through the Back Channel and brain(more or less) whenever I try to raise the sexual energy up. I think i just need to keep training, right? Secondly, I wonder if this is enough. Ideally I would want to stop ejaculation just by one thought or even make it so automatically like normal ejaculation. After alot of practice is it really this simple, or I just can't do without contracting muscles or else that requires all my focus and attention? (Today i had almost ejaculated, but stopped it by squeezing my PC muscle, although i didn't felt an orgasm.) Lastly, i think i shouldn't be discouraged if it takes more time than said by Mantak Chia (6 months to master) right? Looking forward to see your responses, and thanks for your time!
  7. Saying Hello

    So i do - Hello everyone My name is Rafał, im a 16 year old from Poland. I found this site today, when i was looking for some discusson about Mantak Chia book - The Multi Orgasmic Man, so i registered. I'm happy to meet you and hope i can find some answers