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  1. David Deangelo- Cocky Comedy

    These videos are great for a shy awkward wuss...but after a while you want to be fully natural. Which is what this forum is about. Also confidence doesnt neccessarily have to be pride, in fact, pride can be lower form of confidence than bliss, although Id say you need a base of a good self image.
  2. Thats fine I definately didnt start out comfortable with parties...Just start where your at and slowly tweak your confidence. Youll find doing scary things a thrill just dont kill yourself. Just say Hi to the guy at the shop, have a chat, work on your beliefs, smile at people, overtime things will gradually develop. Also when it comes to beliefs this is key..Heres some negative beliefs. People wont like me because Im fat People dont like me because Im smart I will never get a girlfriend because I dont have a car I am not someone with massive muscles therefore I can never have a girlfriend. I need to be earning 30,000 a year before I can have a girlfriend. See how these beliefs are utter crap that limit people. Often its not just the beliefs we pick up from our environment, But by changing beliefs we change the way we act slowly which changes the way people act towards us.
  3. I went from shy and awkward with getting what I want Work on your beliefs- Look at Byron Katies "The work" on youtube, Combine that with Emotional Freedom Techniques, The sedona method and maybe affirmations. Have a lifestyle filled with hobbies you enjoy. Eg Yoga, Tai Chi, Going to the park. Everyday do things your scared of, push your comfort zone, slowly over time your comfort zone will be ridiculous. Express yourself, speak your mind. Although there is a difference between a wuss expressing their mind and a "zen master." While your developing expressing yourself helps you to heal. Go out to a lot of parties..see how men interact with women, talk to a lot of women..You learn what not to say, You see how your becoming more confident. Do a lot of Yoga, Trauma release exercises by David Borcelli,Pilates and various forms of tai chi. This is good for posture and muscle relaxation, when your around people and your standing and walking relaxed and confident you become very attractive. Exercise frequently, Wear good clothes, Have self esteem, all related to beliefs but also things like investigating codependency and toxic shame. Just like anything. You probably wont change overnight, it takes time but it definately will happen. Good luck
  4. Hi

    Just thought Id introduce myself...and because I have to lol My names Sinan, I live in England. Im 21 Ive been interested in this area since about 16 and a half, when I wanted to learn to become more confident for women. I learned about beliefs, how to change them, which eventually turned into listening to eckhart tolle, alan watts, david deida, different types of meditations, different books etc. About a year ago started some tai chi classes, Sedona method, Yoga classes, Im always looking at new ways to improve my peace of mind, happiness, relaxation, love, compassion and bliss. I've dropped out of a course at university a year or so ago because after volunteering Ive decided I want the kind of job I enjoy. So at the moment, Im looking to work in this field of healing etc...EFT, Trauma release exercises, meditation. I dont know that much about tai chi although Ive done some amount but this site looks full of knowledgeable guys. Ive already learned a lot just from browsing. Anyways thats my introduction.. peace