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  1. This Ripe Moment, Continued...

    Still, worries about blaming the victim persist. ... The "culture of wealth" that led to the financial crisis, whining about taxes, foreclosure mills, and the like might be worth examining as well. The "common perception" and "understanding of how the world works" that produced the financial crisis turned out to be quite damaging to the economy, and the poor were hit particularly hard. The "culture of wealth" that then led many to blame the poor for the crisis as a means of shedding responsibility for it, financial and otherwise -- the same culture that led them to believe that unlike somone on unemployment compensation, they earned every cent of the government bailout they got -- might also be worth a look. Or, as Lord Voldemort said "That Which Must Not Be Named."
  2. The Characteristics of the Sage

    I think that unraveling the Riddles and Paradox' is a big part of understanding Lao Tzu. I do like -K- and zanshin's responses. I do not pretend to have anything close to a complete Understanding of Lao Tzu. But a distinction between a Good man and a Bad man is going to be very difficult for me. If he had said a "Superior man" , that would have made more sense for me.
  3. The Characteristics of the Sage

    "Why is the good man the teacher of bad men?" What is the distinction between a Good man and a Bad man?
  4. Baguazhang, Cheng style Liu Jingru

    Zerostao I am not that far a drive from you. I am in the Corbin/Barbourville area. Is it cool for me to drive over and watch some of you and/or your friends "candle play" ? This talk of Linear and Circular is all interesting and all, But I subscribe to Angular Ideas and Speed. Leopard Style here. Still, I would like to observe the "candle play".
  5. Global Revolution!

    When I first started posting here on The Tao Bums I was closer to the camp of Joeblast. I totally appreciate all the great posts from him especially in Regards to how Qi Energy flows. etc. I have been swayed by Serene Blue, ralis, and TzuJanLi and now see things in a Different Light. My current opinion is that the 1% have in common the Habit of Exploitation. I think this is why they have allowed the flow of illegal alens to enter the US. So now they can also Exploit them as well. Expoitation of people or of resources is not a good habit IMO. I have officially moved to the Left of center now.
  6. Adieu

    I have to speak up about it being " THAT bad in the US." Maybe I dont have a place of my own or a job. But it is easy to live off the fat of the land here. I don't know how much money I have in my pockets?? But I am not without. I am not hungry or cold. My clothes are not tattered or dirty. My shoes are less than a month old. I do have friends and we do look out for each other. From my view the highways are crowded so people are traveling where they will. The parking lots at the stores are crowded, people are shopping. I am using a computer, I have a cell phone. If one goes out and circulates it is not difficult to find something to do. I don't know anyone that is hungry. Even the addicts look dosed up good. Well, it is true that I don't have a job. I am not really looking for one either. Time to go get a chicken dinner. After lunch and at my leisure , I may return here. Aaron, Good luck to you as you begin your new adventure. Embrace it man.
  7. Sons of Anarchy

    Nothing could ever top The Simpsons .But I have been watching Gold Rush as the only show I watch.
  8. Taijiquan

    Thanks everyone for the differing views. It gives me much to chew on and digest. I suppose some Taijiquan teachers may teach it more externally/martially ? If we use Taijiquan as a moving meditation without considering the martial potentials, does it become a Medical Qigong? does it become a Spirtual Qigong? My initial idea about Taijiquan now is that it can be used for various purposes. Theory may be useful but it still takes the Bio-Mechanics practice (doing the forms many years) before a proper understanding is achieved? A few players may benefit from understanding the theory, in that they know what they are trying to achieve? Are these fair question? So, if I have understood ? Medical Qigong predates Taoist Qigong? How can we know if that is in fact true? So when did the Taoist school begin?
  9. Taijiquan

    Zhang Sanfeng who was a master in both White Crane Style and Snake Style Kung fu as well as the Straight Sword, was certainly influenced by Neo-Confucians, Zen Buddhists, and Shaolin Monks, Yet his Master was the Taoist Tao Yin Master and hermit poet Xu Xuanping. Ancient Yang and Wu family documents confirm this. My thread is saying Zhang Sanfeng did exist, was from Wu Dang Mountain, developed the Art that we refer to now as Taijiquan and was TAOIST. and that Taijiquan is a Taoist Art. minor disclaimer: I am not a Taoist or a Taijiquan player.( I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night)
  10. Popular Bums

    Today marks 3 months membership for me here on The Tao Bums. I do enjoy the Active Content and the Flow of Conversations as thet take place here. As we know some get rather LIVELY!! I also Highly Value researching Older threads that have become inactive. I also greatly enjoy reading some of the wonderful posts made by members that are no longer active here. This site is of great entertainment, educational, and inspirational value to me. A feature that I use to find interesting older threads is the "last click" located at the bottom of the page with the Listed Online Active Memebers. I have found some fantastic older threads using this feature "last click". Last week I stumbled upon a thread called "The Top Ten Tao Bums of All-Time". It is an older thread and I do not really care who were/are considered the Top All-Time Bums. BUT it was a great resource for me to look up the topics that these Bums had started. I did PM a couple of our MODS asking for a Tip to refind this thread. I realize that I should have clicked the "Watch This Topic" feature. But I did not. I have not been on here long enough to have my own personal Top Ten Favorites and while I do enjoy Dave Letterman's nightly Top Ten lists, but I have about ONE HUNDRED favorite bums here already. You Guys and GALS ROCK. This site is just tremendous. I Thank all of you Participating Members , Current and Past. If anyone can tell me how to find that OLD THREAD , I would be GRATEFUL. As I said I use those types of threads to find Topics/Threads that are no longer active. There is a Wealth of Insights, Knowledges, Ideas, and Entertainments for me to discover there. I would never List my personal Favorite Bums and I have disabled the friends feature on my Profile page here. I did look up under "Overall Top Posters" and found these 15 Bums who are the most Viewed. I am looking through these Posters Topic Histories and enjoying the Finds! I feel like a Treasure Hunter who daily finds Rare Gems. I am a Miner Who Seeks the Treasures Buried in the Archives Here at THE TAO BUMS The following list Does Not Represent My Persoanl Favorites. It is Presented using Statistical Data from this Site. The Top 15 Most Viewed Bums of All-Time are: Marblehead 17,255 views Mal Stainkey 14,467 views Apech 13,129 views Stigweard 12,897 views sean 12,322 views Rainbow_Vein 11,851 views Trunk 10,835 views zerostao 10,227 views LeonBasin 10,216 views Taomeow 10,053 views ralis 9,930 views TheSongsofDistantEarth 9,598 views mYTHmAKER 9,529 views Encephalon 9,315 views Vortex 9,164 views
  11. Sifu Jenny Lamb Lecture clip- great!

    Really? I sincerely am amazed at this clip and I greatly look forward to watching the Full Version. I am also amazed at Sifu Jenny's fluid movement and grace in the scene from the movie "The Honor of Dong Fang Xu"
  12. Qi is not our target

    I am thinking that since this thread is referencing Qi. That LC is hinting of a way to unite the Human Qi with the Heaven Qi. Traditionally, most of the Nei Dan Qigong practices have been passed down more secretly than those of the Wai Dan. ... the "Heaven Eye" (Tian Yan, (ie The Third Eye) so as to unify the natural spirit and human spirit (Tian Ren He Yi, ... From :
  13. No triangles? edit> to OP. In training I found it useful to move sequentially, especially early on. In a real situation, I would hope my body(all of it in unity),mind, spirit, focus,will, would all arrive on scene in the same instant. And yes a Wave will be delivered. I am not Tai Chi Chuan Player , but rather a Leopard/HsingYi Chuan kind of guy. But as WBBM said, and I agree any Internal Martial Art will share much in common. So, please forgive me chiming in about Tai Chi Chuan as I have a very limited knowledge. But I do have to contend against Tai Chi Players from time to time.