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  1. How do I feed profile?

  2. Befriending Money

    It's a lot more comfortable to cultivate in a house than in a cave!
  3. I used to carry a knife, but then I realized I should think of everyone as a friend rather than a potential enemy. How many times have I been robbed in my life? Zero. Am I happier now that I'm not always on guard. Hell yes.
  4. What does your Qi feel like?

    Everything is relative. I do qigong, I get more, I adjust, and it feels normal. Everyone names the different types recently. Did you learn the name and characteristics first, and then feel it? Or did you feel it and later learn the name for that sensation? The former situation could demonstrate great bias. After all, it isn't labeled in your body.
  5. What is the issue with GM crops? It will be impossible to feed everyone in the world without them. I would rather have people be "emotionally oppressed" than starving to death. We can deal with emotions once everyone is fed. People in developed countries forget that the rest of the world exists sometimes. It is not mind control. It is good science that is going to help a lot of people. If you can find a way to feed 7 billion people without making more resilient crops, please, make it known. When small variations in weather lead to people dying from lack of food it is mind blowing that this technology is being resisted.
  6. Poll inspired by BKA's "karma" thread

    Why do superhuman abilities need to be cool and in scare quotes?
  7. best qigong program?

    Which brings us here This is the system I practice regularly. Highly recommended. It will push you.
  8. Neikung Master Around John's Level (Demo)

    I believe this is what they were referring to. More of dried pine needles or kindling than a hay stack.
  9. 3rd eye issue, advice wanted...

    It's probably your sinuses.
  10. Conserve chi; consume protein.
  11. Neikung Master Around John's Level (Demo)

    It would be very interesting to see a qi field demo done on a few candles.
  12. Neikung Master Around John's Level (Demo)

    The no blood oath thing is my favorite part.
  13. Push Hands Tips?

    Despite being involved with all this stuff for a handful of years, I've managed to never do much push hands. I've found a class nearby and will be going to that next week. Any tips from the seasoned professionals around here?
  14. Haiku Chain

    forty to a rock ten thousand back to my self morning I'll return