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  1. What Is Non-Duality ?

    Duality is what happens when we dont see things for what they are.
  2. Kyoto Protocol

    Al Quada bombed the twin tower buildings because the United sates did not participate in the Kyoto. That may make people angry, but the planes hitting the towers was not born of just sheer hatred for America. For those now learning of this, I strongly suggest you consider that everyone has hidden agendas and if the people were to know this shattering fact it might have changed how people view the incident. I disagree completely with the bombing and such use of force, nor do I advocate Al Quada agenda. But it is what it is.
  3. What Is Non-Duality ?

    I see things like quantum physics and different things being attributed to what nonduality is. Nonduality is a state of emptyness like the tao itself. We think of thing in concepts of yin and yang, light and dark... Only by emptying our minds and feeling the true reality of things we let mundane concepts and extremes not cloud our judgement. Such as he is ugly, she is rich, he has rediculous ideas. Judgement is a manmade concept, and born of duality. For those who have reached this realization, cheers.
  4. Love your story about the tree and humanity.

    The Body, Mind and Spirit. :)

    Thank you


  5. If all of humanity worked together . . .

    Money operates on the premise of being able to alude or percieve reality. Paper or coined money actually replaces hard percious commodities like gold and silver. I am not touching upon conspiracy theories here, and will not entertain any. The reason I say that first is that the monetary system exchange rate deals with the flow of cash. In recent years especially 2000-2008 we saw an influx of cash moving to other countries. Most often times the exchange rate is fudged or dollars are paid rather than the local currency. The movement of cash to other countries is because some corporations leveraged for lower consumer prices forcing companies to take business overseas. The end result is to "patch the system". Which can only be done by printing more money. The other way is to up the minimum wage. Monetary value tends to decrease over time anyway along with inflation. The only way monetary systems work well is if the currencies stay within a country as much as possible. Otherwise you get the "spread too thin effect". So since money is not like nature, it is only a man made energy. Much like primitive concepts in magic like "FEHU". No, money is nothing like nature. If it once was it is not now.
  6. what if even

    In a way, the tree did keep giving. It sounds as though if circumstances had become different that would not have been. Meditation represents something that mankind did not develop evenly with its mind. Overdeveloping ones mind is like developing only one arm when you have two. Sooner or later the rest of the body and spirit has to catch up, its just that mankind has forgotten that we are not only a thinking creature. This also explains the emotional flavor of the text I quoted.
  7. what if even

    Let me tell you a story. As one of the masters of the past ate fruit of a now extinct tree, he marveled about how perfect the fruit was and how it had made him well for a very long time. He briefly knew in his heart that this was the last of this kind of tree. Once it was gone, no one could ever benefit from it because it would have been lost. One of his students said "Master, the tree is getting old. Should you not try to plant another?" In response the Master said to him, "The tree grows out of hardship, and only knows itself how to make another of itself grow. It does not want to help grow another because mankind has become way too selfish." The student replied, "Yet so many people can benefit and become well from eating its fruit! Is that in itself not a selfish act?" The Master responded, "No, it is not a selfish act. The tree itself has given to mankind for many many years. It only wishes the best for mankind. However, man has almost destroyed the living conditions needed to grow another tree. It has simply accepted the inevitable." The student then said, "Then the situation seems hopeless then. Why do we even bother meditating or trying to be healthy?" The Master finally said, "Because if we did we would be false to the memory of the tree. For as long as we meditate, are generous rather than selfish and treasure the real treasures in life such as the love of this tree, we still maintain the hope that all of mankind can change."
  8. On Effort and Grit

    It seems to encourage in a negative sense enduring hardship for its own merit. If I am getting at what you are talking about, people should be aware of why they fail and the reasons that they did. Enduring with a lack of seeing what is going on around you is a set up for an epic fail. Sure tenacity is brimming. It should keep brimming for them, i only shows that they didnt yet have the tenacity to adapt and improve to offset future hardship. This is a general happy-go-lucky view the world has. Endurance is everything. Yet they cant see evidence that their wife might be sleeping with another guy when an article of clothing is left behind. Such blinder type behavior saturates the populace in which we live and leaves everyone left behind.
  9. The jury is still out on john chang?

    I know this that I will say is along the same line. People deny it. People dont know. The truth is, if you did learn abilities to burn things. If you learned how to do other things that people wished to have. Would you really WANT to? You would not be "you" anymore. People I have met that have psychokinetic powers dont spend their time doing normal things. They spend 6 to 12 hours a day doing things that maintain their powers. They DONT have strong opinions. They DONT get involved in politics because it is beneath them. They DONT want things. There is a difference between wanting and having. They DONT have clear patterns of right and wrong because that is shallow. They DONT care about the shiniest car, the most elaborate training program. Most likely the things you value the most have nothing to do with supernatural abilities. You would have to give up wanting them to achieve it. In all practical wisdom you would have to destroy yourself and start over. That is why people dont achieve on that level. If you care about money then you need to rethink everything. The people who do have these powers only make enough to survive.

    I am just glad nobody remembers the movie the shadow. I didnt like people making reference to lamont cranston.
  11. 1959

    How can you see when you are in a rush and focused upon something? How can you take a deep breath and smell everything in the area when you are in a rush or focused upon something? How do you pay atention to images in your mind when you rush? You cant. You are too focused on one point to see them. there is but an underwear that keeps us from the pussy of delight and it is a sharp studded one. 1. Do not rush (the mind takes over) 2. Feel 3. Every picture, sound, smell and sensation in our mind when it is still is a perfect reflection of our reality when we are in a calm state with no baclground thoughts or feelings. 4. Women naturally have higher dopamine levels that allow them to feel or be aware of multiple things at the same time. To be aware enough to uuse powers you must first be aware. Schizophrenics also have high dopamine levels, yet they developed paranoia, delirium dementia because they couldnt cope. 5. the mind is not a mixer for energy stop trying to use it as one. 6. when one is emotionally compromised powers can become unstable, volitile, dangerous or worthless. 7. Never refer to religious texts for guidance regarding powers. The wunderbar was only given orally. That should answer onkly alw of ur qwestions. Edit: i learned that from someone else here on the forum. i know he was white and i recycle him where he belong. no... i kidding. i kidding really hard.
  12. Gloabalist Agenda

    I dont watch or listen to political slanted news services. When I hear political opinions based upon "right" or "left" it is like my eyes gloss over. It is uncontrollable. I have friends who are this or that. They are good friends it is just horribly bad for keeping friends this discussing politics. You want to know what I know? Plain and simple. As long as a system is dependant upon a monetary system there will never be even and real trade equally of goods. Mankind is too greedy and would sell anything to be rich.