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  1. What are your delusions?

    Lonlyness and lazyness for sure. Thinking that I can keep seperate from the world around me. Keep safe. Feeling like I am seperate from the world. There is the world and then there is me. Its like people who think human beings are seperate from nature. That nature is out there. We are nature. No matter what we do. We are what we see in the world in the same way. No matter how much I keep reminding my self of this though I keep sliping back down the same old path. I need to spend more time in the mountains. I need to find a tai che teacher and get the rubber on the road. I need to practice what I already know.
  2. Open Secret

    Now that I've reread this I really see how little I know.
  3. Open Secret

    Thank you for the link to this beautifully articulated discussion.What I find fascinating is to wonder how the "knowing" occurs that this is so.Why do some feel this to be unquestionable, experiential truth and others do not?What occurs to lead to that transition?If any of us has experienced this transition, would you be comfortable discussing it in this forum?Do all methods achieve this?Does any method achieve this?I don't think these are necessarily answerable questions but they are stimulating, at least for "me Let me preface that I know nothing. In my mind though it requires a transition in perspective. I am tempted to call it a simple transition but it really is not. When you consider the basic way you and I are able to perceive or experience "reality" there is a definite somic root. We all can only experience things from our own personal filters. This is natural. Language though is required to indicate a subject and object. Because of this people have forgotten that (epistemic justification) truth Must be derived from this somic level. The conversation we can have about other objects is limited by the perceptions we share together. This limit denys so so much. With this in mind what do these bi polar oppositions become but consepts that are whole and reside inside of you or I. Sorry about the spelling I'm writing from a phone and am deslexic. Really! Let me end this by saying that I know nothing.
  4. Open Secret

    Thought some of you people might like this. For my part I really feel that the author hits the nail right on the head. Please let me know your thoughts! http://www.weiwuwei.8k.com/oscontents.html
  5. Taoist Canon

    I would love to begin parting together a canon that has translated into English. How possable would this be? Thanks for any advise.
  6. Yin/Yang, Good/Bad, Plus/Minus

    Not that I know anything but I'd say it is found in great abundance in the relationship between yin/yang good/bad plus/minus. Each of these could not exist except in relationship to its other. When seen as a whole and not desperate ends strength comes from this understanding.
  7. breaking bad habits

    I have been having problems with stoping some of my bad habits such as smoking. Are there any breathing excersises I could use to help me do this? Also I live in a rather large Chinese community are there any traditional herbs that could help me? Thanks and be happy.
  8. intro and hello

    Hope you are all well. I have been reading on this site for the past few months and now feel ready to begin posting here. I am interested in many aspects of taoism. I studied ethics and cultural anthro at my university and would love to broaden my understanding of the epistemplogy and ontology of taoist philosophy. Also I am very interested in the hun tun story and its connection with taoist origen myth. I would also like to explore subject object nondualism, Wu Wei, and its effects on taoist reality and ontology. I know this is a lot but its my first post and I'm excited! Be happy.