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  1. [duplicate - see above ^]
  2. Oh, I asked about those...he says the thumb asterisk was just an eye-catching place to put a written note, and has no relation to the actual mudra being shown or anything... those were just pics found on the internet to illustrate the point... On which note, the Caduceus (!!! haha) or what looks like one in that picture, is definitely not meant as one.. it is in fact nothing but a silly water-sprinkler that he photoshopped onto the corpus callosum area.. to illustrate how the hemispheres switch off listening<>talking to each other in this function, I guess... but it wasn't meant to illustrate a caduceus. Enlarge the pic and read the right section.... weeiiiird, but still, rather intriguing. :D The reality of Ida and Pingala perpetually baffle me... the right hemisphere is more correlated with the sympathetic, and the left with parasympathetic... wouldn't that be backwards? (I guess the parasympathetic is "cooling" if you think inhibitory.. but actually, it WARMS the body temperature... so it could be WARMING. Can someone ring in with some disambiguation there... Anyone? -Dia:]
  3. Proper activation Heart is absolutely necessary I would say... Otherwise the Eye will see into depths that are not correctly grounded... -Dia:]
  4. Ah... well, those minerals are helpful in rare cases of deficiency.. and definitely supportive of respective glands.. but let it be noted that they are also very broad in spectrum.. so just taking one mineral as a co-factor for hormones of a certain gland you're trying to support in this nutritional way might have adverse effects elsewhere. : D I've studied a lot on this side of things, and must admit I have a rather jaded/critical perspective after all of it haha.. forgive me for that. Butit was still noteworthy! Thanks anyway.. maybe someone else can chime in on this OP ?? ---^ I myself am baffled.. lol! -Dia:]
  5. Hey guys.... a longtime friend of mine w/ an affective/schizotypal disorder sent this to me the other night... ____________________________________________________________ He has been proactively working on his health from both a nutritional and a meditative perspective for a long time now, (keeping himself on the road of everyday life better than many others I've known who are "in perfect health" in my opinion!) ... while also discovering things about himself (being very observant by nature)... and perhaps humanity as a whole.. that I think maybe not everyone would quite have the chance to notice because they don't have the issues to show them how things are when they're "off" (like in the western sense)... He and I have kept in touch for a while, on the rare occasions when we talk... he's perfectly normal and not delusional or anything like that, just kind of flat/uninspired if you talk in real life, though you can rarely ever tell just hanging out heh. So it's not some crazy theory or obsession.. just kind of an idea he said he noticed lately and wanted to get down on paper. Basically ...I suppose it's like.. a possible explanation for hemisphere switching issues..? He says it's from consistent results he has felt himself (and admits that it might be incorrect labeling..) but wanted to pass on to others to see if there would be some validity or merit in it. So I looked at it and was a bit dazzled at first, being fairly knowledgeable in this stuff myself... but not quite to the scope where I could verify it or discuss much.. and I thought I'd spread the word in some places, like some of the genius minds here! Feel free to do the same if you wish, just post the picture around....get in touch with me at [email protected] if anything, or just sign up on here and join the discussion!! I'll try to pass on the word or any questions when I chat with him next week..... -Dia:]
  6. Hey from dia

    Been lurking for a while, but being as fascinated as I am about the subject matter, I figured it was finally time to sign on. Hi, everyone!