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  1. Teachers on the big island of Hawaii?

    Vmarco I understand your frustration I really do... I'm an asian male living in the mid-west. I grew up with people calling me racist things all the time. Chink, gook, slant eyes, you name it and I've been called it from a complete stranger. I'm 27 now and pretty recently I was downtown and some white guys walking past me and my girlfriend muttered "Ching chong"... I don't think I can type how f*cking infuriating that was... downtown minding my own business in one of the most liberal cities in the US with a well respected college and to be a victim of some 5th grade playground BS like that? Wow... But what am I going to do beat them up? Start a rally/protest? Have a debate with them? No I just ignored it. That's the best thing you can do. Just grow a thicker a skin because people like that aren't worth the energy or breath and they'll always be around... Experiences like those only make me appreciate more the white guys who are my friends. When I have encounters like that now, I just remind myself that the type people who go out of their to say those racist things are just assholes, and assholes come in all different shapes sizes and color and they spew out all the same shit. They also only see the world through a tiny dark crack which makes them inherently stubborn and narrow minded. So if anything feel sorry for them and just carry on because no matter how times you wipe an asshole it'll just get dirty again.
  2. Help a Bum fund

    I don't even know the guy but I'm in. If you're lying though, does that mean double negative karma points? Because if I find out that you are... I'll..I'll... do nothing about it hahaha.
  3. Any other Anime fans out there?

    +1 (+2 if you meant FMA:Brotherhood) There are a lot of good mentions here like FLCL, Samurai Champloo, Darker Than Black, and Mushi-Shi. To add to the list: Cowboy Bebop, Macross, and Pom Poco.
  4. My numbers are up

    Wow I never would have thought of linking these numbers to the atomic weights of elements, that's pretty awesome. I learned about some of those elements you listed 10 years ago in high school chemistry which means I don't remember jack or jill about them and I certainly fail to see the pattern lol. You've sparked my curiosity though... But I got a lot of reading to do now
  5. My numbers are up

    I'm so happy this thread was created. I have been questioning my sanity lately and it is a bit relieving to see other people noticing these number occurrences whether or not they mean something. For the past year I have been seeing 111, 222, 333, etc mostly on something that displays the time. I see 1:11 or 11:11 the most, to the point where it happens almost everyday. I like to think I'm not "trying" to see it but maybe my brain is just making a point to remember out of all the times I look at a clock, to remember 1:11/11:11 moments the most? Then again I've been looking at clocks/time displays almost all my life especially after I started working in a cube farm 4 years ago and I never have had this problem before. I can't offer any valuable insight to this thread but thank you all for making me not feel crazy.
  6. Yo

    Hello everybody... I don't know what else to say so um hi and bye. *edit I guess I could share a few things: I'm a male. I'm 27. I'm a friend of the user "Ken" here. I live in the US.