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  1. Did i discover easy way to meditate ?

    Harmonious Emptiness just remember that there should also be sense of clarity or lightness to the mind, so avoid falling into "stupor" if that's what it feels like. ... My worry would only be if you felt you were dulling your mind rather than clarifying and strengthening it... This is the CRUCIAL QUESTION - is this "BLIND GAZE" a "stupor" of exhausted brain or is it a begining of genuine "meditative mindset" It feels closer to the "stupor" but i can sense a relaxing and soothing feeling in my mind - the racing thoughts definitelly calm down to a minimum and you start to feel a bit "light-headed"... On the other hand your brain kind of shut-off things around you - the GAZE is like a tunnel vision - you only see the object in front of you... and other senses and your surroundings are turned down... Its like i read in one book - "You fill your mind with that object" An interesting thing (good or bad) is that the calm feeling of the "BLIND GAZE" is quite addictive to the brain... i can feel the brain likes it and would happily fall into this "trance-like" stillness more and more... so what do you thing am I onto something or am I actually dulling my mental powers and switching my brain into "IDLE MODE" ?
  2. Did i discover easy way to meditate ?

    ChiDragon Bigbook... Did you have your eyes open or close when you meditate...??? the point is to have eyes opened because you are literally "GAZING" on the real object in front of you... eg. the black speaker box in front of the white wall i have in my living room... OldGreen -You can focus on objects, some other similar practices are candle gazing. yes i read about this one but i must try it first because i worry that it wont work for me because the candle light is moving and vibrating a little which breaks my concentration... the solid un-live objects like a black speaker box are much easier for me to focus on and phase into the "EMPTY GAZE" trance-like state and more importantlly because they dont move or change they dont distract the stillness... so for me its easier to maintain a focus on un-live static object than on changing or evolving thing like candle fire, breath, mantra, etc. Informer The point is to become more aware of the centers within your body. So you can actually feel them within, without the distractions that the mind will cause. i tried that... i closed my eyes this time to shut off any visual input to brain to minimize distractions... i imagined a simple picture... i draw soothing and rejuvenating "earth" energy from my soles up to my "third eye" chakra where it glows in a big sphere of pure white light (30-60 cm diameter, no color, minimal movement only a slowly breathing sphere of white light) i imagine the epicenter of the white light sphere are the endocrine glands in the middle of brain (pineal, pituitary & amygdala). Than i do this for every chakra from top down. I specifically imagine the big sphere of light to have its epicenter/origin around the bodily organs inside my torso - like here my soles work like two "earth connectors" of a battery - i "imagine" drawing energy from earth into my body through the soles... its very relaxing, unfortunatelly i almost always fall asleep in few minutes - its so relaxing actually so its not suitable for longer sessions for me because CLOSED EYES = SLEEP for me... if anybody has experience with the GAZE or practices something similar to the "big white sphere around endocrine glands" type imagination please write here... see ya
  3. Did i discover easy way to meditate ?

    To say it simply: While iam in this "EMPTY" "BLIND" "GAZE" do i meditate or did i just switched my brain to ECO-mode (a relaxed low-power mode) ?!
  4. hi guys i was recently trying to meditate but as a total beginner i cannot hold my concentration. After 1 minute my mind is flooded with racing thoughts and its very hard to stop them or return to empty mind state with just concentrating on one thing like a breath, mantra, etc... but i noticed a very strange thing happening... i can quite effortleslly "LOCK" an "EYE-GAZE" on certain objects in the room and stay "LOCKED" for almost 10 minutes with minimum chatter inside my head... its very similar to a common "EMPTY GAZE" that happens to everybody from time to time when they sit on a couch after very exhausting day... that common kind of mind "FREEZE" that you usually try to snap-out off immediatelly when you realize it... or somebody tells you "Wake up, bro..." when they catch you "GAZING BLINDLLY INTO ONE SPOT"... these brief "EMPTY GAZE" "LOCK-UPS" happen spontaneouslly to everyone usually when they are tired or exhausted... the catch is not to fight these "FREEZE-UP" but actually stay in that "EMPTY-GAZE" for as long as possible... its suprisingly effortless... once you realize you are "GAZING BLINDLLY" or "GAZING EMPTY" the natural response is to shake it off and "Wake up, immediatelly" but if instead you FOCUS MORE on the spot or object you were gazing at, you'll find that its quite easy and effortless to stay in this "EMPTY GAZE" state for extended periods... in fact the brain sort of likes this state of EMPTINESS... its kinda relaxing and soothing for the brain to just "GAZE" on one static object or spot... is this meditating or is it just a stupid gazing which doesnt benefit the brain ?? could any experienced meditator confirm if this concept of "EMPTY GAZE" is at least comparable to meditation ?? the feeling of this "LOCKED" "EMPTY" "GAZE" is quite naturally soothing and relaxing, nothing comparable to the difficulties i have when trying to stop my racing thoughts and concentrate on my breath, mantra, etc... one more interesting thing is that i can quite quickly induce this "EMPTY GAZE" "MIND FREEZE" state almost anywhere just by "LOCKING" my GAZE on certain visually specific spots, patterns or objects... almost like brain is suspectible to recognise specific shape and color combination that immediatelly induce "trance-like" MIND LOCK... - the objects or spots must be 100% static - no movement or change of state - my brain prefers dark (black) static objects or spots on bright (white) background - a high contrast between the object and surrounding / background good examples: (a black speaker box on bright wall and floor surroundings) (a black book surrounded by bright books in a white bookshelf) (a dark spot in a brightlly lit tree/bush outside my appartment window) until this discovery i had a hard time silencing my racing thoughts and concentrating my mind on one thing like: breath, sound, mantra now i suspect that my problem is that i find it hard to concentrate on things that keep evolving or generally change state in time (or repeat over and over) - like breath, sound, mantra repeating - but i can easily concentrate this "GAZE" on completelly static things, like unlive objects... so to rephrase my earlier question... does "EMPTY GAZE" seem to be a backdoor to concentrated "EMPTY" mind or is it just a "trance" state that is interesting from biological or evolutionary view of human brain, but has zero healing or rejuvenating qualities for the human brain and is completelly different state than the meditative state...
  5. hello i came across few mentionings here on TAO BUMS as well as other forums (some MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM oriented) about Dr. Lin and his technique of ANAL BREATHING... after few hours of scanning the internet for ANAL BREATHING my curiosity is very high but i couldnt find any definitive source book or manual describing the technique... Dr. Lin runs this webpage which is a nightmare to navigate through with over 1000 links but although ANAL BREATHING is mentioned many times on there is no step-by-step manual to buy or download to learn the technique... i also found some guys talking about the ANAL BREATHING here: but this is second hand descriptions... is anybody here on TAO BUMS who practices Dr. Lin's techniques and could point me directly to books or manuals describing ANAL BREATHING ?
  6. hi i have signed into TAO BUMS because i read some of Mantak's books long 8 years ago (iam 30 now) to help me cure my premature ejaculation but it was all left at "reading" only... i never really got into the stuff Mantak describes although i tried... for me it was all to vague and i didnt really feel anything he described... the procedures seemed too complicated to do correctly or feel anything at all and my premature ejaculation wasnt getting any better so i gave up although i believe in taoist way of looking at world... now after few years from my fisrt tapping into taoist teachings i found out through google and some forum posts (especially on forums regarding MALE MULTIPLE ORGASMS) that Mantak is not the only celebrated ambassador of Taoism in western world... few posts were mentioning some Dr. Lin particualry his technique called ANAL BREATHING and compared it to Big Draw thought by Mantak in his books.. some even went so far as to say that Dr. Lin's version called ANAL BREATHING is more accessible and gives better results compared to Mantak's teachings... unfortunatelly Dr. Lin's webpage is total chaos with over 1000 links and subpages, duh... so i came here - to the biggest taoist community on internet - to find somebody who actually practices Dr. Lin's techniques (i am particualry interested in the mysterious ANAL BREATHING) and could direct me to the source book or manual describing step-by-step the ANAL BREATHING and other techniques from Dr. Lin i managed to find few pages mentioning ANAL BREATHING and some even try to explain it but this got me even more CURIOUS to read the "original" 1st hand texts written by Dr. Lin: could you point me to the original ANAL BREATHING teaching by Dr. Lin