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  1. Tao instructors in Taiwan

    Dear friends, most likely I will fly to Taiwan in late december/january. I will be there just for about 4 weeks. Has anyone been there, practiced over there? I am looking to practice Qi Gong / meditation. I would be very happy and thankful for help. I am not able to answer many questions in the next days because I am "on the road". Thank you very much for your help - much love - peace - the inner light.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Me neither - nor anyone I personally stay in contact that is practicing. I found Kunlun to be a great and powerful tool for my path.
  3. Kunlun & Wang Liping

    freeform, your post rocks! just wanted to let you know what you wrote was awsome! so clearly put i would never been able to do so. thanks a lot! touched, the inner light.
  4. Kunlun Europe

    dear mantra, do you have any news concerning kunlun in europe? thank you in advance, love, the inner light.
  5. Kiai Master - Defeated.

    wow. very nicely said. i met a master once in a shop selling lots of things (even alcohol) to people. the way he treated everyone entering the shop was amazing. i was sitting behind him watching the people coming in in the worse moods and leaving with a smile. for me that was also some very special "superpower". more useful than lots of other stuff. he was very humble and never showed anything he could do. and after i met him more and more often i was not interested anymore in what he could do or not. i just enjoyed his presents and warm heart. the inner light.
  6. Laughter attack after Kunlun

    dear bd2, maybe you have been ironic in your post. i dont know. if not ... you "think" he should be more compassionate. when this kind of things happen there is not much time for thinking. it is pure being without judgement. i dont know if you have had these attacks before as jan did. i have. there is not much you can do. i think he said that the cat was just the trigger and he even felt sorry for it. i dont think laughter creates bad karma. it is the opposite because it releases tensions and stuck energies that can lead people to do actions that create bad karma. look in the world and you will see lots of things that happened because of supressed emotions. i cannot see bad karma being created by seeing something and being "triggered" by it. when i am being triggered by something there is not so much dogma if i should be like this or that in this moment. it is in a way pure being without any judgement. energy that works itself out. respectfully, the inner light.
  7. Is KunLun Bogus?

    to everyone (about the thing bruce francis being thrown around by master feng ealier stated in this thread). master feng is a very nice and humble person. and a great teacher. if people are using his name to make themselves important that makes me a bit sad. i will not debate about this. just want everyone to know that i am sure that master feng zhiqiang would not like that people throw around his name in this context. he is sure of himself and his style but he is beyond putting others down for showing himself "great". he himself told us that he is just a little, little star on the big universe of qi. and i would say that most chinese masters would not agree on his opinion. they mostly agree that he is a real grandmaster (and if you know chinese masters you know this might not be easy they agree on something ...). an energy vampire is for me someone who is trying to get peoples attention over and over again by emotionally arguing about things like a child. and repeating them. attention is energy. emotions provoke emotions. i think we should get beyond this "my daddy is better than yours" thing as we proceed on this path. this is childish. lets continue to practice instead of argue and reach states of being where we see that we are all one and connected. starjumper. i will just tell you my opinion. feel free to take it or not (thats what you will do anyway). try to not think that i put myselve above anyone when i tell my opinion. i do it with my heart. we are here to learn from each other. you tell great names as your teachers. make them proud. you represent them. you are one of their "products". if you love them dearly you know that we are all one. there is no good and right. you can tell your point of you but after that move on like a warrior. live is too short to stop and bitch at the neighbour all the time. make you own house nice. loving and comfortable. i am sure people then will like to meet you and share their thoughts. if you really have the experience you state focus it on building something nice instead of destroying something else. let your experience shine and the outcome of your deeds will tell more than anything you are saying here. you dont need to put others down. make your own students shine and they will gladly post good things about you here as many do of max. of course being a "vampire" needs "victims". people that resonate with that. i do not want to resonate on this matter. the energy i would like to contribute for this thread is in this post. hopefully not more. i need my time to practice the many things i still have to learn. so love it or leave it. namaste.
  8. "Miracles" you personally witnessed.

    Thank you! Very right! It is also my "conclusion" in all those years that the real miracles are not like the ones i just told. Just trying to share the other "miracles" with as few ego as possible or often been seen by powerseekers. It can be a miracle to get a child or to have a good meal. We often just loose the appreciation of that because we want to see something "special" or be "special". Especially today the amount of informations you have acces make it harder to stay humble and open to small miracles. Why find the birth of a child a miracle when you can see people levitating on youtube. I hope you know what I mean. Still I am courios to know if it is possible in this forum to without showing off too much hearing some nice story to exchange. love and peace.
  9. Pillars of Bliss

    thanks all for the inputs. interesting discussion!!
  10. Pillars of Bliss

    dear starjumper, thanks for your sharing. to tell someone is a liar and present something supposed better is what politicians do every day. in general i think we all as being seekers should do it more respectful. if it is your opinion it is ok. i personally also do not really like that max presents his style as if it was from some ancient secret master but it is from his spiritual sister jenny lamb (i dont know if it was her name). also i think it is not needed to on his video throw people around (and give the impression of using it for martial arts purposes) and then write on the homepage that he would never teach this kind of powers and it is even harmful to do it. of course like that a person attracts people that are "power seekers" or gives a little bad taste for people who do not like this kind of getting attention. i personally think that even without all those things max would attract lots of people. maybe he overdoes it because everybody does it anyway and in the end people will find out the "truth" when they meet him. so far all feedback was very positive. because his system works good on people as you can read in this forum. also his representative mantra here in this forum is a warm hearted help for everyone. it is good to practice something and have answers right away! i dont think people jump here from one thing to another. i think they just try what is being offered. that is ok. unless you dont try you wont know. i personally study a specific qi gong style for many years and martial arts for i dont know how long. i agree that there are other styles that will create the same effects like kunlun. but kunlun makes a very easy approach to this. and so far most people (including me since about one and a half weeks) have had positive effects. so it is good to wish all of them luck because we are in the end somehow all connected. if you are good i am good. that is how it works in my opinion. so it is very good that people like you sometimes come up and challenge an opinion. i just dont think it is needed to call people liars and things like that and then come up with something "better". there are so many things offered in the world. who knows what is better for whom? everybody gets the teacher he or she deserves and needs. for me right now kunlun is a great aditional technique that supports my normal training routine in a great way. so even if max was a liar for me it doesnt matter. he is offering something to the world to taste. either you taste it or you dont. if other people are enjoying the meal we should let them eat with all our heart. if we have to offer something better we can do so. they of course can decide for themselves what to eat. but we shouldnt make their cook bad if we see they enjoy the meal. then we can be happy in more than one way. we enjoy our meal and enjoy how they enjoy theirs. that is at least my opinion. loce and peace to you and good luck on your way!
  11. Pillars of Bliss

    dear yoda, thank you very much for that hint. so far i would have to fly to china for specific questions. now i just post them. VIVA LA INTERNET!!! thank you. you underlined my intuition. love and peace, the inner light.
  12. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's new book, "Soul Communication"

    i heard the story about amazon, too. very shady indeed! i tend to think that maybe also you and me could change the water crystals with all of our heart. i can say that just by writing positive things on the bottle some people taste the difference strongly with the blind test. my girlfriend made the test with her whole family. all of them (they are not spiritual at all) liked the water with the positive writings on the bottle far better, even it was a blind test and they didnt know which was the water from the tube and which one was the "good" one with the positive affirmations on the bottle. now if you and me project positive thoughts and qi with all of our heart to this water i am very sure it would look beautiful afterwards, too. most people may be able to do that if they had a bit of spiritual training and know how to open their hearts. if dr. sha has some abilities or not ... i dont know. my impression and the impression of a friend of mine (she is a strong healer and was treated by him because she win a treatment during his lecture) was that he himself has not much energy but he knows how to use the energy of the audience and give it a channel. i met qi gong masters with less things written about in my life. my personally opinion is that dr. sha could not stand up to one of them by far. but he is a very clever seller. very clever. he is very sure of himself, too. and he is a very good actor, too. he know how to built up energy in an audience and how to use the ego of the people for his purposes, too. i personally (and i believe this is something hard to objectively count ...) felt no compassion from him. also i felt no energy. BUT if you believe in his book and the good prayers he writes i am sure you get good results. he combines very good (in his books) traditional techniques with new age affirmations (like used by for example louise hay or doreene virtue). love and peace!
  13. Pillars of Bliss

    thank you mantra!!! very good hint! i was always after each "magnetic attack" putting the hands back to the same position as in the beginning ("holding the ball"). should be interesting to let them go down and stay there, too (since they went there by themselves sometimes anyway). sometimes i was also just staying in the last position the magnetic field put me and wait for what will happen next. it is very interesting how the magnetic impulses now also come more easily in my other practices. love and peace!
  14. Pillars of Bliss

    i am also practicing kunlun just for about one week. i practice qi gong since maybe 12 years but i rarely had this kind of responses in my body. i know it from some osho meditations i did years ago but i really think kunlun is easier to acces at least for me. i have the feeling the body just works it all out. if there are tensions the body just solves them. very often the magnetic field just moves my arms around like a perfect therapist that knows you 100% and solves the tensions by themselves. with me my lounge points hurt or they are tense. so after a couple of minutes of kunlun the energy started to stretch my body and loosen the tensions. opening the loung points a bit. everytime a bit more. to really remove that block i think it will still take some time but i am patient. in the past this kind of movements eventually happened after 30 to 60 minutes of dantian meditation if at all. and they were less strong. when i take the kunlun position it immediately starts. also interesting to see is that my connection to this energy field (or spontanious qi gong) is easier. when i do now my standing meditations my body sometimes moves or spirales in a way it never did before. awsome thing! i am happy to have found this simple technique and i am astonished how good it works and how perfect it fits in my other practices and even supports them in a very good way. although max wrote in his book not to do any other practices i still more or less have to do them because of different reasons. i guess and hope that is ok and i trust my intuition. happy to attend the seminar in germany! thanks to the people that mad it possible to acces such powerful techniques.