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  1. New John Chang Video Surfaces

    You slander name after name with not one single iota of proof to date. All you have provided are links and complaints that could have easily been forged or created from a single identity. You have accused so many different people now from elijah wilson/ kundalini/ lucas huang/ thetaobum/ (a very close friend who would never even dream of doing what you accused him of) carlo launer (another close friend and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet) rashidismail and more It's a joke to be honest & why this cyber bullying has been tolerated on a spiritual forum so long is beyond me. All the while dragging the mopai name through the mud. You were even told to slow down from a respected mopai member not so long ago. Did you heed that advice? Your selfish actions speak a thousand words my friend.
  2. Introduction

    Hi, My name is shane and i practice tai chi & shaolin boxing.