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  1. jen-mo accupressure point

    OK... so a while ago I researched into this a bit, and about for the last six months I have given a considerable attempt at this "technique" every time I felt the strong urge to masturbate, in the attempt to get it right. Its a technique of injaculation, the purpose of which is to conserve semen by re-absorbing it into the system instead of losing it and the vital elements along with it. Here's the page that I followed: so anyways I've been having a go at this for a while now everytime I felt the need to know... but I never quite got it to work right. If you read the page (the info. under "Jen-Mo Accupressure Point" it tells you how to conduct a test to see if you did the technique correctly... that is, pee in a cup/whatever to see if the semen came out with the urine. This means it slipped into the bladder and was done incorrectly, and that is the effect I noticed after each attempt. I found a topic on these forums of a similar nature, which is similar to the question I have for you guys today. I've noticed that even if not masturbating or doing anything sexually related, I still get the semen in the urine (after conducting the test). I'm not experiencing any of the negative side-effects this guy seems to have shared in his post, but I'm concerned about the excess semen I may be losing when I urinate. I've only started noticing this the past few days. Whenever I urinate, its cloudy (when looked at in a cup or bottle) and the semen eventually settles towards the bottom. Not EVERY time (sometimes its clear and normal) but like I said, I only started to take a note a couple of days ago and will continue to see what's going on. I was wondering if maybe I damaged something in my attempts at doing the jen-mo technique and now I have semen "leaking" out when I urinate. I never monitored my urine consistency before so I'm not sure. I doubt its normal to be having semen come out with urine, though. I don't perform this technique anymore. Can anyone please help me out on this one? I'm just a bit worried about the fact I may be wasting energy with my urination. I'm twenty years old so my body produces a bunch of semen, and it may be normal for the body to release some excess out of the system via urine, but I dunno. It could also be my meddling with this technique. If anyone has any information, please reply. I know this one was a bit silly, but thanks
  2. Introduction

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask a question of these forums so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 20 years old and have studied and held an interest in general Taoism for the past couple of years. I've been practicing Qi Gong and furthering myself in the work lately and practice various methods of cultivation on my free-time, although I do have a daily gong I rigorously follow!