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  1. Yin deficiency

    But why would you want to add even more yang energy if what you need is yin? Do I misunderstand something when I think that you need to consume something with yin energy if you want to get more of it? Maybe that's a little extreme, but I have an idea that one way is to eat and drink only yin food, deal with lots of water, meditate, have lots of sleep, and this way even though your body will react horribly at first (as it has shown to react), eventually if you don't stop it will be forced to adapt. Or maybe 2 days this, 2 days that, like a contrast shower, to minimize the damage. Stupid or not, I'm at my wits' end... thelerner, these are beautiful words, but I hate to see days go by like this, it feels like they pass by in vain, and that's not a good feeling. Surely I'm not THAT unique that I can't follow knowledge that others have collected. Experiments, if they turn out to be unnecessary, would only waste more time. joeblast and fizix, what sort of physical exercises do you have in mind? Any would do?
  2. Yin deficiency

    Physical activity and exertion produces yang energy.
  3. Yin deficiency

    Hi, I was trying to combat my state alone, but it isn't working out that well. So here I am asking for an advice. I've got serious yin energy deficiency, coupled with moderate overflow of yang. It's not a new situation, but recently it became worse. Right now I really need a lot of energy to do my job. I discontinued dynamic meditation, too, because it was less than helpful. And it's summer and the air temperature is at its peak. Symptoms: intolerance to cold, high tolerance to heat, anxiety, lack of concentration, inability to relax, etc. The only thing that helps more or less is meditation (not a dynamic one, though), but its effect only lasts that much. Certainly not more than an hour. And because of concentration level plummeting down it suddenly became hard to do it. I was trying to eat only yin food, since it was a no-brainer to do that. So lots of milk, grains, etc. I was tryng to sleep a lot, too, which didn't always work. Some usage of lukewarm water, but that's mostly to avoid heat. Result: high temperature for three days by now. No running nose or whatever cold symptoms, just high temperature. Mild pains in the area of upper stomach, it felt like a big chunk of ice got inserted there. Right now the ice chunk sensation is mostly gone, but high temperature isn't. So I guess my body didn't like the cold or found it too much to cope with. What would you do to add yin energy to your body if it kept resisting?
  4. Estimating Tai Chi

    The Yang style, 24. ChiDragon, thank you.
  5. Higher Spiritual Attainment

    I've never understood that. On the one hand it's traditional to hear that some paths, or normal paths practiced incorrectly, develop powers instead of bringing you "enlightenment". However, at the same time you keep hearing that the powers are a side-effect of enlightenment and won't work unless you've been changed in a beneficial way. You can't know what's what for sure, I think, because we can deceive ourselves that we're moving in the direction of one goal when we actually aren't. One can only try and hope
  6. Estimating Tai Chi

    I'm going to talk to him but he's not easily talked to. I didn't want to mention that, thinking that in this case everybody will consider the problem solved and won't try to explain anything My sixth sense says that talking to him won't work out, but let's hope that it's wrong. And the truth is, I didn't get into this group from the very beginning, so I had to learn everything very quickly (they're two-thirds done) from another person who goes there. After all forms are learnt the teacher plans to start explaining each one in more detail, so I decided it should be ok even if I learn them like that. With an additional step forward, should the whole form take more time than normal, or would stepping back be half as long instead?
  7. Estimating Tai Chi

    I'm so dumb about physical movement that I can't understand how to apply the "change door" in the video to forms that I'm doing The sequence is broken if I try, and there's an unnecessary movement. Maybe it's ok, or maybe this way it's totally wrong. If dwai can't demonstrate it then maybe somebody else can, for example how to avoid going back during repulse monkey? Applying it to such a basic sequence should be simple enough for people like me to understand
  8. Estimating Tai Chi

    Sorry I don't really get it. Ok, I can step back but normally I don't step forward during that form. You say step back parallel to the right foot and then step forward, in that case the form takes more time to execute, right? Even a bad video of it would do, I'd be glad to see any!
  9. Estimating Tai Chi

    Dwai, you meant changing directions, didn't you? I'm not sure what to think of changing doors. Great idea, though, I'm going to use it. There's enough room to make full repulse monkey sequence, but it's not enough. As it goes, you need about a meter more to execute some other forms, but it's going to work if some directions are changed, for sure.
  10. Estimating Tai Chi

    Astralc, thank you for caring and for relaying your own understanding. I've already taken up tai chi, although I must say that I discovered a small flaw in practicing it. It's a flaw of convenience mostly, though, so it's really small. It takes too much space! So now I'm trying to practice at home after classes, and there's not enough room. There's a big room in my house, however, even that big room isn't big enough. I have to stop and backtrack quite a lot once some particular movements have to be done, which isn't very good for doing tai chi forms at all. There's also a matter of pratice in the streets. It doesn't look normal at all, so as of now I do not do it. I heard that you can do tai chi with a fan or a stick, though, surely that would look more normal. Exotic enough for people not to think that you're insane.
  11. Estimating Tai Chi

    Thank you all for your helpful replies!
  12. Estimating Tai Chi

    That's the most attractive thing about it, it can be checked one way or another. I've been looking for something that wasn't limited to being a purely subjective experience and could be observed by others. Oh, so they're written differently! In that case any time I mentioned it in my first post, it was supposed to be jin, not jing. I'll have to fix that. steve, thank you for the explanation.
  13. Estimating Tai Chi

    Thanks I'll follow your advice.
  14. Estimating Tai Chi

    Let's put it this way. I've described what I think about tai chi in the first post, is something wrong, is something right? I'm not a fan of tai chi in particular who's looking to get as much info on it as possible, in order to do it better. I'm just a person who wants to know if it suits my wishes or not. Here's a clarifying question: The state they talk about, is it, for the lack of better word, enlightenement? It's supposed to be a slightly different thing in different teachings, so even answering yes is not really enough. What sort of enlightenment is it like? And is it one or not? In alchemy they talk about converting chi into shen, but I don't see this being done in tai chi at all, which puzzles me. They locate chi and convert it into jin, and that's it.
  15. Estimating Tai Chi

    That video doesn't address my questions, it shows a form.