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  1. Happy Easter to all

    ... with slight anticipation because I'm going to take right now a brief vacation at the seaside, where I won't have the internet connection. See you next week. Best wishes, polluce
  2. David Shen Verdesi Master

    It was easier than I thought .. thank you Darin!
  3. Hi to all

    Kyle, thank you again. I visited that website more times in the last days and I'm glad you did. Look if you can find useful the information at www.thegreattao.com. Several sections are very interesting. Cheers, Valerio
  4. David Shen Verdesi Master

    You are right Vortex, those effects may be all tricks.... Nevertheless I would be curious to find out if that old guy has got some skill, also because I'd ask me why a person should openly show himself at public television to then risking to be uncovered and pass for ridicolous. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi to all

    Thank you Kyle, I'll do right here! I'm Italian, 26 years old, with the passion of oriental cultures that I've been discovering since the end of the last millenium. I started the Taoist approach when I found Mantak Chia's book Awaken Healing Light (translated in Italian) in a bookshop, that was the "launch sky jump" to enter in this exciting world. Few months later I learned Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Tao Yin from an American instructor who lives in Florence (near my town), that formerly was a disciple of Chia. After about two years of lessons, also in Chi Kung and Tai Chi (and even in American English!), I decided to expand my horizons and look for "other shores". So I began "to sail" either in Internet and in several places of my country to try other practices, techniques and standpoints. Now I'm finishing to digest and rielaborate these last years of testing and personal research, passing throw the systems of Micheal Winn and Davide Verdesi, waiting for new adventures. Anyway, I'm arrived to think it's highly recommendable to have a good awareness and get a solid basic preparation before going on on higher and powerful practices. This is my brief story.... polluce PS. Ah, if there's something I write or explain not very well in my not high English you're welcome to mark and correct me. Best regards
  6. David Shen Verdesi Master

    I've tried many times to call that phone number but it seems that a (probably) chinese voice says something intuitively like "person no reachable" (plus at least 60 euros cents each time to hear the words), so I cannot put myself in contact with Sherfu Qiu Fu Yi. I'd like to know if someone of you has been able somehow to reach and speak with him. Cheers, polluce1
  7. Hi to all

    Thank you two for your replies.. Could you tell me where can I post some general information about me just to let you know my person a bit better after the yesterday intro? Thanks, valerio (nick: polluce)
  8. Hi to all

    hi, I'm new at this forum. My name is Valerio and I live in Italy. I am essentially a Taoist practitioner because I like very much the Taoist vision, but anyway I'm open to the other points of view. I have studied with some Taoist teachers in the past and the last was David (Shen) Verdesi in 2004, when he held the first Nei Gong seminar in Rome. At the moment I still practice by myself what is more suitable for me from what I learned but I'm looking for new "worlds" and experiences. I have seen your community and I'd like to join it and share with you information and help if you agree. Nice to meet you, valerio