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  1. Does cultivation ever stop?

    It's interesting thatt you should mention intent. I personally believe that when you decide to cultivate that the intention stems from this decision. In a way its like a step that cant be taken back! However, I have read many times that cultivation must be continuous to both move forward and maintain gains. If this is so the question of my current benefits remain. Could it be that after a period of exercising daily my system needed a breather? Kind of stablalising before moving on again.
  2. Does cultivation ever stop?

    First a confession..... I haven't done serious training for 6 months or more! This has made me very sad in a way but has also caused a realisation of sorts. Even tho I have done no training my chi still seems to be building. I can feel energy centres in my stomach and chest (lower and middle dan tien?), hightened reactions and clarity of thought etc that I didnt have before. This has prompted the question - does cultivation ever stop once you start? I have heard arguements for both sides, yes and no, but thought i'd throw the question out there to see others perspective, ideas or experiences.
  3. Chi rising up spine on exhale

    Thanks Cat And Scotty! With a little more understanding my mind is put to rest. Does developement always come in spurts? feel like i've knocked down a few doors in the last week after months of not much.
  4. Chi rising up spine on exhale

    Hi all, I've always been a reader rather than a writer on Tao Bums so please bare with me. I have been practicing standing and siting qi gong for a few years now and have been making some headway on many fronts. Recently something i can't understand has taken place. When i do my siting 'emptiness' practice chi rises up my spine as a warm prickle feeling. From all i've read and been taught chi should sink on exhale not rise so i'm now in a state of confusion whether my practice is correct. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  5. Tao Bums conspirators

    Spot on! shouldn't we be helping each other? heated arguement gets no where. keep it to discussion level peeps!
  6. Is KunLun Bogus?

    There was me thinking we were all on our spiritual enlightenment journey to become better people then up pops another thread of arguements!
  7. Lifelong Kunlun

    Can't say ive had the 'old house' dream but ive had alot of dreams going back over moments in my life that have been good and bad. They seem fall into three groups extreme good, extreme bad or times when i felt i should have done something different. When i get the third type its not a bad feeling but analytical eg. why i done it at the time and how i could have done better. Could this be a mental clear out like the physical burn up?
  8. Lifelong Kunlun

    Very good questions here. From what i have read on several spiritual paths there are many levels (72 crops up farely regular) which takes a lift time or more to reach the top. The kunlun guidelines seem to be 3 levels learned in 2 years(ish) for the rest of your life - is there no more? Seems a little condensed. Also, does kunlun combine yin and yang similar to the way of lei shan dao (the mystic level 4)?
  9. Anyone up for Chat?

    You cant beat conversation and sharing experiences to advance thinking. i think ill pop over now. Any Kunlun students out there who want to chat?
  10. Kunlun Cleansing

    after about 2 months of study/practice i started getting a burning sensation up my back especially between the shoulder blades. also had pressure at temples and funny sight (not sure how to explain) from time to time. glad im not the only one with experiences!
  11. Kunlun Nei Gung "100 Days" Support Thread

    Hi all, tried doing 100 days celibacy for kunlun but after 5 weeks it didnt feel like any benefits were showing in my practise. That is until i had sex and nearly blew my head off the energy went straight up my back and i cudnt stop laughing! Best thing is my practice since has been getting better, must have got rid of some blockages methinks.
  12. Kunlun Question

    Ive been studying kunlun lv.1 for 6 weeks now and my hands do the same (right cold/left warm) when im using my desktop. I also got a vision of a black hole/ energy centre with two spheres (one black & one white) turning clockwise round it while meditating. The spheres had tales like meterorites. Not sure if thats coincidence or an over active imagination
  13. Kunlun Europe

    Im another UK bum interested in seminars. its great your coming to europe, fantastic if you could get to England!
  14. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome. Afraid not, inspired by 'Opening the dragons gate'.
  15. Hi Everyone!