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  1. NOTICE: Master Wang Liping 2012 US Intensive

    Thank you for announcing this. Me and most Master Wang students were still planning to be available to study with Master Wang in the US this December, so you are indeed correct to make this public. Thank you kindly for continuing to support Master Wang accurately. It is not fair to us students that Kathy has chosen not to announce this information. Why is she keeping this important information from us? We had expected her representation to be accurate and up to date. Kathy, so really, when were you planning to tell us that Master is not coming? This is a very simple announcement to let everyone know that the US intensive is not happening this year. So, prince, don't stray off on a tangent. You make it sound as if Kathy was going to teach all the students herself that were to show up for Master Wang's December Intensive. If that was the plan, I assure you it wouldn't fly. I for one would be deeply insulted and feel betrayed. I would demand a refund.
  2. Ha, ha, YM, you are too involved with the general public. You know that Master Wang's teacher is still alive at over 200 years old! Master Wang never dies his hair; all his senior students know this. His scientific practice keeps him youthful, robust and extremely energetic. In fact, he walks faster than all of us during the Taoist training and our group consisted of students in their youthful 20s and 30s.
  3. Master Wang is a true Master, born in 1949 and is very healthy. Anyone making up other stories has obviously never met him. I personally trained with Master Wang this past December and he is in excellent athletic shape, his hair is still black and he has a a kindly, generous, extremely energetic aura. Bottom line, he teaches what YOU are ready for.
  4. You will be certain, that is when you have the good karma to study with Master Wang :-)
  5. The public seminars have over 350 students in attendance. Most of them are beginners who aren't ready for much at all. Even the little that they are taught is too much for them to put to practice diligently. Some come for curiosity only and have no interest in cultivation. However, most of the students who come to attend the private intensives already a meditation practice, thus are very serious and ready for more advanced level teachings. Master Wang takes his private intensives very seriously; he recognizes the student's level and ability and teaches relevant valuable material. There is a 22 year gap between 1990 and 2012. Doors have since been opening wider and wider. It's up to us to walk through them and embrace the knowledge that is available now. I will tell you that you won't find all this good practice material anywhere else.
  6. Bamboo, you're an excellent example of an intelligent, inquisitive, analytical, far sighted, tao bum! Jeannette says Master Wang teaches additional material each intensive for senior students, so I'm really looking forward. I hope to meet you in August and learn more about your experiences! Bless, brother.
  7. Reflecting there, hey?
  8. Absolutely. After twenty years of studying with other qigong teachers, Master Wang has opened me up to experience entirely new levels. This is what I seek; growth, progress. Master Wang's students have amazing testimonials to share that are way beyond that which is publicly known. Master Wang doesn't show off, he just does what he decides is necessary for the progress and well being of his students. Also his students like to keep quiet; they don't have the need to impress or recruit any student. Master Wang doesn't need your money at all; we've gone over how the tuition is distributed. Neither is he obligated to teach you anything for free. Your karma decides the path you take.
  9. Intensive with Master Wang this August will be held in Dalian. So i see you've been learning qigong and it's been all the same to you; it's going to be just like that probably, until you learn from Master Wang. You're right, i wouldn't pay for anyone else either :-)
  10. Master Wang teaches Nei Gong, Internal Alchemy. this is not the same thing, buddy.
  11. Master Wang has many students who have already traveled / studied with Indian and Tibetan traditions for many decades, let alone the three months you're referencing. In fact, a student from native India attended Master Wang's past December intensive and thoroughly found it to be an authentic, rewarding eye opening experience. In addition, Jeannette, who invited me to the intensive, has been a Certified Yoga Teacher for over ten years, studied Tibetan meditation with a monk, and practices Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine. This tells me that for all the yoga and Tibetan studies, there is still a world to be attained through the Tao. The costs for the intensive goes to the government, airport pickup and ground transportation via hotel, more than adequate hotel accommodations where we all have our own private room and bath with yes, internet service. Translation, and three generous meals per day including an endless supply of fresh fruit and bottled spring water. Of course the training is intensive, morning, afternoon and 10pm practice too. the sitting is very difficult for some students but other sit in lotus, half lotus or simple cross legged position for what seems like hours but it's rewarding. The information contained in the lessons is scientific and outstanding. Master gives powerful empowerments. I'm very pleased with my investment. August is a great time to have an intensive in Dalian; the weather allows for comfortable, enjoyable outdoor practice every day. It was rather cold during our 6am taoist walk this past December, but we went every morning regardless.
  12. Master Wang certainly had his days when he did close himself off to the public and was impossible to find; i searched for him but couldn't find him until I saw Jeannette's post on Meetup. I feel very fortunate that he is teaching now and was blown away by his December Intensive. This Master is NOT to be taken for granted because he's teaching now; he can stop anytime he wishes, you understand. I've studied with many Chinese traditions, also Tibetan and others; I've been meditating for over 20 years. This is how i can appreciate that Master Wang teaches valuable material you just won't find. I got much more than I expected; this Master walks the walk!
  13. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive

    Master Wang's New York Group is Awesome! We meditate bi-weekly together and the energy is so charged. I can see that the Master power is very present. I encourage all serious meditation students to come train with us! We've been keeping in shape doing inverted lotus to limber up for the sitting meditation.
  14. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive

    Yes, this inversion device is limbering and reverses atrophy; it's a rejuvenating experience for anyone who wishes to strengthen their core and better align their spine. I'm happy to announce that I'm the newest member to join GrandMaster Wang Liping's New York Meditation group. I'm learning so much now so that I will be ready to study directly with GrandMaster this December. I wanted to come last year but I'm a proud new father of twins so i had my hands full at the time. I've been meditating for 15 years and am very impressed with GrandMaster Wang's techniques. His New York group is dedicated, knowledgeable, and very patient teachers! Thank you for teaching me :-)