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  1. Master Yang

    Hello to those interested in Master Yang. I can speak from first hand experience as i have had the great privilege and pleasure of being a student of Master Yang's for the last three years. He is definately the real deal, a true Master in every way, you will not meet a more extraordinary healer and human being. I have experienced a total healing of my body mind and spirit. Myself and my life have been transformed in every way and i would like it known that he is worthy of great respect. He is the most honest, humble and giving person i have ever known. Anyone who has the honor of meeting him will know without a doubt that he is genuine. There are not enough or adequate words to describe just how extraordinary he is. I practice daily and it continues to amaze me what i feel and experience, my practice takes me to heaven, it truly is paradise. The human race needs Master Yang, he has evolved to a higher state of being because of his beautiful heart, his willingness to help others. and a lifetime of dedication to his own practice. I would love the opportunity to talk with anyone about Master Yang, he is truly inspiring. I now run my own classes with Master Yang's support, I live in the Newcastle area, if anyone would like to talk with me further, please let me know.
  2. Master Yang

    I have the great privilige of being a student of Master Yang, i can assure you he is the real deal, a true Master and an extraordinary human being who gives selflessly of his time to many people without charging them a cent. He has helped thousands of people in this way. Of course he also needs to eat and survive here on earth so yes you do pay to attend his seminars and to become a student. You should find out your facts before you pass judgment. He is worthy of great respect. I am more than happy to talk to anyone about Master Yang if they would like to know the truth about who he is and his extraordinary abilities. Happy Heart
  3. Master Yang

    Hello and thank you for the welcome. No this cannot be learned online, this is something that you have to experience personally. If you are interested you could contact Master Yang via his website. His contact details are shown there. The only way to become a student and experience his amazing abilities is by invitation from Master Yang. He will know instantly if you are suitable. He is definately worth pursuing, i wish you luck. Thanks for reply - Happy heart
  4. Master Yang

    Hi to all, I am new to this so I hope I am on the right track. My reason for writing is to share with all of you my experience with Master Yang.http://www.masteryang.net". His ability to transmit and direct chi to others is quite extraordinary. He is the real deal - a true Master who devotes himself to the service of others. I have been privileged to become one of his students, he has changed me and my life in such a profound way. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been, with his special support I have been able to give up smoking, he has healed my broken heart and uplifted my spirit. During my daily practice it takes me to paradise, there are no words to adequately describe how this feels, it goes way beyond the imagination. It has lead me to universal Chi and is making me a better person every day in every way. I now run my own Neigong Meditation Classes with Master Yang's support and have come to know the enormous pleasure that comes from helping people in this way. My life has become so fulfilled. For anyone who is interested please have a look at Master Yang's website to learn more about Master Yang and Neigong. Wishing everyone happiness HappyHeart