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    Not at this time, but you're welcome to start discussions on this site, and hopefully others will join in. Sasha
  2. Tantric Mongoose

    Hi Coyote, Thanks for giving us a call today... I hope we answered all your questions. Sasha (and Nityama)
  3. Tantric Mongoose

    Hello, Sasha here... I know it's been awhile since we've last posted... Been busy. Since our last update, Nityama has continuously been doing workshops via Live Video Stream in Australia... a couple workshops for women only, a couple for men only, and a co-ed one as well... Plus, 2 more to come within the next 2 months (UK & Byron Bay). As most of you may already know, in April, Nityama did a workshop in Chicago. A couple of Tao Bums showed up (would love to hear their feedback here, if they're open to sharing). We filmed the Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration. Below are a couple of links to video clips from the event. Enjoy. Part 2 Full-length Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration DVDs are now available at: DVD includes: - An introduction to Nityama's work - female bodywork demo - male bodywork demo (by me - Sasha) -- I'd like to thank one of your very own taobums for replying to my previous post, and volunteering to model for the bodywork... Thank you. It was a pleasure having you with us. That's all for now... Sasha (and Nityama)
  4. Tantric Mongoose

    Hey, We are still in Chicago... will be back in a couple days... and I will write more than to catch up. Sasha
  5. Seminar in Chicago...

    I never saw any spray... Did you forget to bring it?
  6. Tantric Mongoose

    This is Sasha, Nityama's assistant. I'm glad that I am here and am able to relay messages from Nityama to the Tao Bum Forum... First, for clarity... The video on the website ( is a clip from a Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration Nityama did at a co-ed workshop in Australia 3 years ago. In the clip, there are both men and women present in the room watching. There are reasons to why Nitvana Bodywork is always done on a nude body (male or female). First of all, in the workshops, Nityama said that it is very important for the participants to see the magnificent movement of orgasmicness in its natural state, moving through the body. Much is learned from watching the millions of subtle movements that take place in the "body beautiful" (nipples hardening during orgasm, muscle contractions, natural undulating, etc.) Secondly, the waving of the hand over the body (as demonstrated on the video on the site), is just the preliminary opening for the rest of the bodywork session. The subsequent parts of the session are all "hands-on" techniques. There are a few more video clips of the bodywork on a password protected site. You must sign up to the Mongoose Mailing list (at receive the username and password (which is sent by email). In these clips, you will see that Nitvana Bodywork is something totally different than Kunlun, even though it uses some of the same energy channels. ...and for more clarity... Nityama did attend a Max's Kunlun workshop and found the Kunlun to be a powerful practice. Nityama himself is not a Kunlun teacher. His work is something different. Nityama will be in Chicago in beginning of April, where he will be doing a Nitvana Bodywork Demo. This demo will include him speaking about his work and how he created this new style of bodywork, answering questions, and doing a live demo on a female model, and I (Sasha) will be doing a live demo on a male model. If you're interested in attending, please visit . If anyone is interested in being the male model for my (Sasha's) demo in Chicago, please contact me at: [email protected] Until next time... Sasha (and Nityama)
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    Shantam Nityama's weblog
  8. Kunlun Nei Gung "100 Days" Support Thread

    This is Sasha, Nityama's assistant... and I also run his website. We've finally joined the site... If you have any questions in regards to Nityama's work, feel free to ask. Thanks. Until soon. Sasha
  9. The Tantric Mongoose

    Hi, My name is Sasha. I am Shantam Nityama's assistant and also run his weblog for him. You can check it out at: I noticed that there were some people who were checking out the site, and had questions in regards to Nityama's work. I am here to answer any questions any of you may have in regards to his work. ... and look forward to meeting all of you (online). Sasha