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  1. Exercises for cultivating the Tao

    >> "So the question is what natural unforced methods really exist?" << I am a Hawaiian Kahuna Healer and Qi Gong Master. My most potent and useful acquisition was not from active personal instruction or texts but from living in TOTAL SILENCE in caves and lava tubes in Hawaii for 7 months with powerful native kahuna (healers). Prior to their accepting me as a potential disciple, I asked for manuals or books so I could bone up prior to living with them. There were none, I was told. In the beginning it was excruciating to not talk or be spoken to, but within a couple of weeks I found I could understand what their intentions were and that they knew automatically what mine were. It was extraordinary to be with the silent men, four of them altogether. In time, I found I could converse mentally with them and receive knowledge just by being in their presence. Not one word was ever uttered, yet I gained new knowledge daily. This type of knowledge has been with the Polynesians (including the Hawaiians) for many thousands of years. No doubt it has been present and cultivated in some modified form in other cultures elsewhere as well. Some of this esoteric knowledge survived, but much has been destroyed through invasion and other violence. By research, I've discovered that there really is just one Source of Energy - chi, prana, life force, God, Krishna, Gaia, Universal Mind, Higher Self, etc. After my months of imposed silence, and I had performed several healings to the kahunas' satisfaction, they told me I learned by being in their "vibrations." Today, I live in Los Angeles, and help people heal by releasing the high vibrations I acquired from the kahunas. It's been an extraordinary journey. We just have different ways of accessing it. In the silence of meditation, there is also an immense potential to develop.
  2. Exercises for cultivating the Tao

    >> So the question is what natural unforced methods really exist? <<
  3. New Member -- Hawaiian Kahuna Healer

    Thanks for the welcome. I do not know Kenneth Cohen and will see if I can find/meet up with him.
  4. New Member -- Hawaiian Kahuna Healer

    Aloha and Greetings! New member here, Hawaiian Kahuna Healer recently relocated from Kona, Hawaii to Los Angeles. You can read about me here: I look forward to making new friends here. Thank you, Master Sio