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  1. Gynecomastia

    Let's assume the problem IS hormone imbalance, do you guys think Qigong or Mantak Chias methods could help balance this problem out. Are any of those practices has been known to help with hormone imbalance? and if so which one specificly?
  2. Gynecomastia

    Thanks for the replies, As far as being fat, I am not fat at all, I am perfectly lean and have been working in different methods of training for about 4 years now, done a whole strength training including squats and dealdlifts, and cardio even HIIT, still doing so now. Also it cant be *fat* because I have a hard lump, it doesnt feel the same as lets say the fat under my arms or etc. I might try seeing a doctor and check my levels of test/estro, although I'm afraid I'll be waisting my time because many of them will be biased and just say the only option is surgery. I did a bit of research on lipostabil and it only works with *fat* not true gynecomastia ( breast tissue ) Im currently researching on something called DHT gel which seems interesting, im gonna look if theres any mixed succes rates and risks/reward etc.
  3. Gynecomastia

    I know this sounds ridiculous, hell I find it ridiculous to ask this here, and if I didn't have a case of gyno I would find it weird of someone asking this here. But I was wondering if anything from Qigong to Mantaks Tias teaching to Sexual Qigong etc etc, might help with reversing gyecomastia? Im very lean but have gynecomastia, I don't want to do surgery cause it leaves scars,I have heard of pills that *might* do the job but they might have severe side effects, I don't want to gamble with my body like that. I know it will be unlikely that someone would happen to know and pop and pinpoint that *this practice* or that one will directly help with gyno, but maybe something close? Like out of all those practice what do you guys think is most likely to help with gyno? I have done a bit of Qigong at school for 6 months and am now practicing/watching Mantak Chias microcospic orbit stuff ( just to point some background I have )and have read a part of his book and Cultivating Sexual Energy. Or if nothing comes up, knowing that they say gyno is caused by excess estrogen, what about something that would greatly increase testosterone, maybe that could be my last resort even though ive done some research that increasing testosterone itself might not do the job ( or am I mistaking ) I have read here that seminal retention increases testosterone dramatically but then after like the 6-7th day it goes back to normal so that sounds pretty useless. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi

    Hello I have a question regarding gynecomastia and if Qigong or anything from that nature could help but the forum in the Taoist Discussion wont let me post in that section. What can I do to be able to post over there? its very important for me because I don't want to resort to stuff that will have side effects ( pills/surgery ) Thank you