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  1. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    MPG, Neichuan (non members) Please dont hijack this thread. You two have caused enough trouble in your search for secret manuals and supernormal powers. Please go away and leave this discussion to the experts.
  2. New John Chang Video Surfaces

    According to a notice on their webpage is closed to westerners. Proof of identity is now required to join and view the video. kho
  3. New John Chang Video Surfaces

    should be working now
  4. There is a new video of john chang in greece 2001/2002 circulating. He does lightning kungfu and also sends an electrical jolt through the entire group. This is not on youtube but a private webpage i dont want to advertise.
  5. Master Yang

    My friend said mr yang charges close to $500 for a private 1 hour session. These taoists dont seem very compassionate when it comes to fees. The entire system revolves around automatic qigong or letting the energy move your limbs. A highly suspect style in my opinion that looks fake when you see others doing it.
  6. This is david or one of his young puppets trying to gain attention. Every few months they pop in asking the same dumb questions and we always take the bait. Just ignore any topics or discussions about him.
  7. Are you serious ? I wont waste my time any further as suggested.
  8. In the entire Indonesia(300 million people) and Youtube community there is only one demonstration that is convincing. John Chang = Chinese Nei Kung. Not Tenaga Dalam. Why ? Because TD is beginner kungfu.
  9. you can come to indonesia. my cikong can burn your body and telekines no problem.
  10. hello

    hello everybody. I come to share kejawen and tenaga dalam.