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  1. I agree with K's post. Other people's spiritual insights don't work as concepts or belief systems when tackled from the wounded vunerable part of the psyche. This will just create a doormat personality, I have met some of these people. The book How To Be An Adult by David Richo is an excellent book I am reading at the moment, that exceeds the expectations set by the title... IMO this is a balanced approach to self development, a map for building a healthy ego/psychological perspective whilst integrating it with our spiritual nature. http://www.amazon.com/How-Adult-Psychological-Spiritual-Integration/dp/0809132230/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1309911582&sr=1-1
  2. Hi! I personally think this is not something to be conceptualised, rather it refers to a state of being or direct experience/knowing. The experience of "all is one" has been the most beautiful experience and truth for me, but I think to contemplate the concept mentally can make one gloomy, confused or in some cases, spaced out with major tendencies towards being a doormat (or this is what I observed from people speaking a lot about these concepts in raw food circles...). I experienced this as a sustained state for around a week a few years ago and intermittently for shorter periods after that. For me it means that at the deepest level of my being I am at one with all life, but almost like a Russian doll, there are various layers to my perception and the further out the more dualistic. The experience was not remotely intellectual, just a recognition like looking at ones arm and realising it to be your own, only it happens with everything from toilet roll, to a tramp to the space in a room. It also allowed me to realise that before this I had forgotten what love really is. I think it is best not to be struggled with, after a certain amount of training the mind and energy these realisations arise naturally, and you can "see" the truth for yourself as opposed to try to understand it. I recommend it! Those are my two pennies
  3. Fuzed sacral vertebrae

    Hi Audiohealing I believe I used to have a fused sacrum, never had a scan but after starting KAP and a exercise programme and feeling the difference I realised my sacrum was stuck. After two weeks of daily belly breathing and basic circulation, along with practicing the 5 Tibetan Rites, Superbrain yoga squats, Dands & Beitahks, and whilst walking, placing awareness in lower back breathing out of tailbone & sacrum (I did this a LOT!), I had more lower back flexibility than ever previously. I never really had much sacral awareness prior to this, and it dramatically improved the way I walk and also gave me a lot more charisma & sexual energy. Mantak Chia mentions many modern day folk have a fused sacrum & provides an exercise to open the sacrum which is a subtle humping motion generated from the sacral area as opposed to using the larger muscles to thrust. So he says it is possible too through practice.... I have a personal theory on why this occurs which is not particularly scientific just borne out of personal experience....I tend to be more fiery as opposed to watery and if this gets too out of balance I begin to develop stiffer bones and lower back is stiff again. I feel fused bones are due to a lack of fluids circulating in the area or a deficiency throughout the body caused either by an energetic imbalance (too much heat for example) or a nutritional deficiency. I am not recommending you do this exactly as the exercises might be painful or detrimental to you but if you want to try at your own risk the exact formula is: Belly breathing into LDT & Secret Smile about 20 mins each 5 Tibetan Rites & Super Brain Yoga squats twice a day Dands & beithaks (careful with these done incorrectly they can cause damage) Walking whilst grounding and breathing through tailbone and sacrum I would also throw in the sacrum exercise or hip rotations for a few minutes after belly breathing for good measure I also highly recommend KAP, but the basics that fixed the problem for me are all found through Google (or your search engine of choice). All the best x
  4. Hi all

    Hi, my name is Emily. I used to post on here several years ago but recently reset my pc so lost the stored password. I wont be using this a lot but there is a topic about healing the sacrum that I have some valuable info on. I hope you are all well