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  1. Is all of this really true about QiGong?

    Shaq786 - I think we've all heard those stories. I've certainly heard my fair share of them. But, have I ever witnessed it? Do I have direct experience of it? No. Personally I think there's a LOT of hot air in the martial arts, Qigong, energy arts world. Take what others tell you (including me!) with a pinch of salt. One of the best examples of this can be seen here: Trust your own experience... Marcus
  2. I'm more with JohnC on this one. I understand Qigong is a powerful tool for living a happy, healthier and longer life, because of the results I experience directly every time I practice. Love Qigong so much Marcus
  3. I wanna learn chi kung

    Hi, How long it takes for you to feel Qi/Chi depends on how you learn Qigong. If you're learning from a rubbish book the answer is probably never. If you're learning from a great Qigong master, the answer is likely to be on day 1. I know of 8 ways to learn Qigong and wrote a 7 page pdf report on them recently. Ranking them from best to worst. You can download a copy of it here (just right click on the image below and 'save as'): Hope that helps. Marcus
  4. Beginner: Best way to accumulate energy?

    Hello Lifezero, Zhan Zhaung is great for building energy. Building or adding Qi isn't the only way to become more powerful. Cleansing will likely be more beneficial and safer. Why? The more harmonious your Qi flows through the meridians the healthier you will be and you will be better able to access the Qi you have. Let's say for example that due to blockages in the meridians, you're Liver is only able to access 40% of the available energy. By practicing Qigong for 3 months you are able to cleanse away 10% of the blockages and your Liver can now access 50% of the available energy. Imagine how well the systems of your body would operate if they could access all of your already available energy? If you have blockages in the meridians that prevent harmonious energy flow, then adding more energy will likely result in more harm than good. Why? Imagine a hose pipe that hasn't been used in ages. It's filled with crap, tangled and knotted. If you flow water through it, you might get a trickle out of the end. But if you turn the tap on full, something undesireable is likely to happen. This isn't a great metaphor because the meridians do not have boundaries like a hose pipe and so aren't likely to explode but hopefully you get the picture. These days I'm a huge fan of cleansing over building - so I'm biased. Enjoy your practice. Kindest regards Marcus
  5. Ah, another Qigong thread!

    Good luck on learning Qigong from a book It's a good place to begin from but bear in mind that you'll have to work hard (like working out how to get from one 'move' to the next) and the results you get will be less than learning from a teacher, but considerably cheaper. The problem with books is that they are static. Once they're published the information in them is 'frozen' in time. You can easily learn Qigong form from a DVD. Which might not be a bad place to start. Qigong form isn't without benefit. Those benefits being similar to gentle exercise in my opinion. You might then decide to make a bigger investment in your Qigong training. Skype is an interesting option for sure. It 'aces' book and DVD learning in that the teacher can see what you are doing in real time and make suitable adjustments so you can get better results. Plus if you have any questions about your practice - you can ask them, again in real time. Personally, and it is just my opinion. If you want to learn Qigong the best way is to learn directly from a Qigong master or suitably qualified Qigong teacher. These are few and far between and yes they are usually (but not always) expensive. Remember that Qigong is a composite of form, energy and mind. You can see the Form and it's easy to learn it by copying. But you can't see the Energy and Mind aspects. That's why learning them from an in the flesh Qigong teacher is the best. I believe you usually get what you pay for. Though having said that, I know of a 21 day free Qigong course - delivered via e-mail. But I won't put the details here, as it's mine and I don't want to be seen to be 'pimping' it on this thread If you're interested PM me and I'll provide you with the link. Kindest regards Marcus
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    -Buddha (I think, but don't quote me )
  7. The first thing you learned in Chi Kung.

    The first thing I discovered was that Qigong is more than just gentle exercise - never looked back since
  8. is in the house =)

  9. Long Time Reader, first time poster

    Wow - do I feel silly. Posted my first post and there is my avatar, but I didn't add it? Is this some kind of freaky Tao magic
  10. Long Time Reader, first time poster

    Hey everyone, Happy to be here. Visited this site a lot and enjoyed reading some of the discussions. Looking forward to joining in a bit more. Can't seem to update my profile, checked the help files, but they weren't much help. Can someone let me know if I have to make a certain number of posts, or wait a certain amount of time before being able to add an avatar etc? Bye for now Marcus