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  1. Traditional Chinese Clothing

    I hope the simpler clothing would be suitable for our friends' practice and meditation. These authentic traditional Chinese uniforms will be all custom made with well regard to the practitioner's height and weight measurements. It will be our seamstress's hope to make them more easily got outside China.
  2. Traditional Chinese Clothing

    Traditional shirt, long sleeve robe and embroidered clerical robe
  3. Traditional Chinese Clothing

    In addition to the discussion, I just inserted above a few photos this Sunday morning.
  4. arrive(dao- character: 到) @ Tao Bums!

    Hello beautiful friends, happy the weekend and the beginning of December! Thanks to Sean Omlor, I finally registered here! Besides the display name, another often-used name of mine is Fisher Liao. My work unit is Fukien Monk Attire Stitching Group in a Chinese city Xiamen(Amoy) where I can grow myself experience in traditional Chinese clothing including Buddhist and Taoist apparel. It is more a happy beginning and I hope to be a farer now and then on Tao Bums. Thank you. A deep bow.