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  1. Im getting it as well using Chrome with Avast security
  2. I believe I know where you got the info on the 4 levels of Mo-Pai like practice. I do recommend not practicing that. I actually know the person who wrote that book and he wishes he never made it. He did something very wrong with the practice and he regrets putting that book out. He said there are so many changes he would like to make in that book. Its not to say all of it is wrong. He's got some very good info in it but the practice part need a little tweaking. He does want to re-write it correctly but he is very busy with work and study. I do advise you and anybody else not to follow those practices in that book.
  3. Monoatomic Gold and silver

    I come on the forums all the time and cant help but want to like a post Guess facebook spoils me. I too am not sure it is worth the money. I do hear people say that they get the same result when they make their own salt water Ormes. You can look that up too as it is inexpensive and you can make it whenever you need it. I havent made any myself but did alot of research on it quite a few years back. Read alot of good stuff on it and hardly any bad. If anyone has tried that, your knowledge would be welcomed.
  4. Monoatomic Gold and silver

    I have taken monoatomic gold, rhodium, and iridium for about 3 month a few years ago. Only reason I didnt continue was cause I went out of the country for a couple years and didnt really know how to go about postage. In all honesty, I took it cause I thought it would bring me back my (what I called) lost abilities. I use to be able to astral project extremely easy when I was around 18-23 (Im 31 now). I could close my eyes and see very vivid colors and could move energy through my body easily. Only problem was, I didnt know what was going on. Didnt have forums to read or anyone to talk to about what I could do with this ability. After 23 my abilities started to decline. I noticed that it was slowly getting more difficult for me to do the things that I, at one time, use to be able to do without trying. I no longer see colors when I close my eyes, haven't astral projected in years, and feel upset that I didnt figure out a way to improve on them when I had the chance. These were suppose to get those back for me. Since I made that my goal when I took them though, I believe I could of blocked their effects. Dont have goals when you take them. I did notice an improvement with my health and thinking but I never meditated with it because I never really meditated before. Im sure if you are more into energies, which I know you are, and meditate with them then you might benefit more from them. Until then, I will keep trying to regain what was once mine cause now at least, I know I am more than what I have become. I will get there again and become more Oh.. btw.. I bought mine from here http://www.asc-alchemy.com/
  5. Kunlun Book

    Thank you for the update Balance. Im sure they will be happy when they finally get the book released. Im not fond of delays but everything happens for a reason
  6. Kunlun Book

    I have one of his books on order now. Should be here tomorrow or something. I appreciate your input and advice. I will try the skype thing but I am more of a face to face type person. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Kunlun Book

    Its not so much the seminar thing. I just cant afford it yet due to being on an extremely tight budget. Like, I said, Im saving money but it is going very slowly If I had the book, then I could at least practice now instead of sitting here and wishing I could start practicing. Just cant seem to get my hands on a book.
  8. Kunlun Book

    Ok.. I have been waiting for the new Kunlun Book to come out for a long time since I cant find or borrow and old copy. I dont mean to sound impatient but the first release of the new book was suppose to be Nov, then it switched to Dec. Its now almost May and I still haven't seen the book. Does anyone have any information on the subject or maybe an old copy I can borrow? I would really appreciate it. Im saving up money to go to a seminar but that is going rather slowly for the time being. I would like to start some practices so Im not completely clueless when I go. If anyone can help, Id greatly appreciate it.
  9. Weird Nasal/Pulmonary Issue ?

    I am very curious on this because I am having the same symptoms. Not sure about the Pulmonary but everything with the nasal and lungs. Doctor prescribed me flonase but I havent used it cause I know it wont cure it. I was thinking it had to do with my allergy to cats but it really just started just before the winter. Hmmm keep me informed and I will do the same.
  10. giving away Pillars of Bliss

    If by some weird reason, that person gives it back to you, I would like to borrow it. lol
  11. Jung Personality Test

    I am an "Idealist. Portrait of a Healer" INFP Forgot what my percentages were though
  12. Kunlun Book

    Forgive me for bumping this but I have been wanting to start with Kunlun for awhile but dont have the book or the money to make it to one of Max's seminars. Has anyone heard how much longer it will be for the book to come out? Does anyone what practices the new book will include? Im more for learning from the original book but that ship seems to of sailed lol. Any info would be great.
  13. Hi Taobums

    Ive been lurking around through the forums for a while now (what seems like awhile to me anyways) and have read many of the discussions here. I came to the forum because I wanted to practice Nei Gong and you guys got some really good info. Im not one to post much because although I have read a lot about energy work and ways to store it, condense it, so on and so forth but I dont have the actual experience with it. I first noticed energy when I was around 16 or 17 and played around with it for a little bit before I actually started reading up on it to get a better understanding of what exactly it was I was doing with it. Had my first astral projection when I was 17 and continued to have this experience (got to where I could control when I wanted to do it) up until I was 23 when, for some reason, I have been unable to project anymore. I still work on it from time to time but I havent really gone full force into it. Seems everything was much easier to do before I started to read about it. Anyways, It is great reading all of your post and what you guys have to say. Hope to be able to use this forum to learn and also give my thoughts on certain subjects. Turlis