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  1. Mixing of Jing

    rite! he was a buddhist! but neikung has nothing to do with faith or religion thats why he went to ALL the known high level masters taoist and buddhist alike during his time to find the secrets to powerful neikung/alchemy, and preserve it for future generations. see, what they knew is that authentic masters (as we can see from this site and throught the Qi Gong community) will be hard to come by for future practicioners to learn from. and the book is not witten for the beginner or the non practicer or non believer or blasphemers. you will ony understand that book if you practicing nekung seriously...
  2. Mixing of Jing

    the emporers that is..
  3. Mixing of Jing

    it wasnt invented for them, it was used by them
  4. Mixing of Jing

    this is where schools and personal experience differs: (1) the school im apart of, semen retention was the first thing taught, along with basic alchemy (and the reasons thereof), (2) ayurveda goes over a natural way of living, the natural way is not of taoist alchemy! which uses semen retention to develop the dantien and internal fortutide. (3) the same for chinese medicine it follows the naural course (4) personal experience from my self and my "brothers" who have been using this method for 11+ years and have had no complications whatso ever. if you have problems with retention is more than likley because its being done wrong...charles luk explains it the best, He says that the average man will never understand nor take it seriously because to them its laughable, but true practisioners know its true purpose! and out of 40 high level practisioners only a hand full knew the correct alchemy. charles luk was tasked with finding and gathering the knowledge of the highest level masters around the world and so he did, and made it accessible to all who wished to follow true taoist alchemy. ive read so many books but his is the most complete!
  5. I want to grow magic mushrooms

    i thought of this myself, to experience the living alkaloids of the Psilocybin fungi..sigh..i just havent gotten around it thoughts are if its natural appreciate it
  6. Mixing of Jing

    its so true....
  7. Mixing of Jing

    this is not at all and in any way a realistic view on jing! first thing jing is pressure (energy pressure) built up in the body from neikung practice. second losing semen dosent mean you loose jing! and third its only in her mind and out of habit that she think she needs anyone elses jing except her own, thats a truly parasitic way of thinking. one should only share energy in this manner when making children. i know this is differnt from what most ppl "BELIEVE" the natural way is but its true especially in the case of those who practice neikung. some advice would be to practice tantra it will help you figure out how to have sex and retain energy/jing. also another book, the tao of sexology by stephen t chang read them well..peace be with you
  8. Martial Arts Section?

  9. Martial Arts Section?

    why dont you think it will work?
  10. imma have to try that out, i just harvested my first batch about 3 days ago. turned out good, i bought 2 scobys from a kombucha dealer in the city and started 2 new batches. one batch my regular 3 tea blend, yerbamate-green tea-bamboo tea, and the other coffee ill see how it turnes out..
  11. Martial Arts Section?

    yes!! i think this would be a good idea!!
  12. yes thats true, ive seen that for a long time here in the states most who practice taichi only practice the soft flowing movements with no internal basis. not many know that its even a fighting art. much less one that has many variants, chin na application, hand strikes, kicks and much much more. im glad to see another that practices this way..
  13. nice i can see you have a good teacher! few know of the actual strengthening exercises of the internal arts.
  14. Space Panda Qigong banner ad

    wow!! so your really drinking the "coolaid"...smh no comet gonna take you to heaven...
  15. try staying a little more hydrated and limit your consumption to maybe twice a day. i really like the taste of kombucha but realize it can be verry acidic. so i usually drink some water behind my kombucha.